Friday, 7 September 2012

Deception - Age of Suffering

DECEPTION - Age of Suffering (Self released demo CDR 2001)
I still remember the time, when I got this Deception’s debut demo CDR, “Age of Suffering”. I got this somewhere around 2002, so quite long time ago, but I was really surprised by the quality of Deception’s death metal and how great their demo turned out to be. Well, ten years have passed and I can say that I still like “Age of Suffering” a lot. You must remember that at the time of the release of this demo – even if you could have said that the Polish scene was relatively strong – it was rather rare to receive so well (de)composed and performed death metal demo. So, the bigger my impression on Deception’s music was.
And well, I must say that this demo even today sounds really good. First of all, it was recorded at the famous Hertz Studio, what gave it a massive and brutal, energetic production – and even if to record the whole demo it took the band only three days, the sound is damn good. And the material is just a killer dose of fast and relentless death metal. Just listen to the opening track, “My Inside”… what a damn great death metal slaughter it is, mainly focused on hyper fast and intense riffing, but combined with some mid paced parts also. It’s really good song, but my favourite song from the whole demo is the title track, “Age of Suffering”, mainly for its possessing, truly killer opening riff, which just fuckin kills. Ha, Deception really impresses in these two songs and I think that if you’re into such bands as Rebaelliun, Malevolent Creation, Morbid Angel, Diabolic and Sinister, then definitely their music will speak to you fully. When I listen to “Age of Suffering” song I really have a feeling of a strong resemblance to Sinister’s “Hate” album, but that’s a compliment! Another song, which caught my attention, is “Bringing Death”. Fuck, it sounds really impressive and Deception plays some absolutely killer riffs there, again varying the tempos and everything, but the effect is truly great.
Standout track: “Age of Suffering”
Final rate: 80/100

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