Thursday, 20 September 2012

Beyond Mortal Dreams - Dreaming Death

BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS - Dreaming Death (Self released demo CD)
Oh, how I love this feeling when I get a release – demo, EP or an album, whatever – from a completely unknown band, for which I had absolutely no expectations at all, and which all of a sudden crushed me with the aggression and intensity of their music. Right after the first seconds of the music I screamed “oh fuck, this is damn awesome!” and just started to bang my skull, as there is nothing else left to do. This is exactly the case of “Dreaming Death” from Australian squadron called Beyond Mortal Dreams. This band, until last week, was completely unknown to me, even if they’ve done one full length album before (“From Hell” in 2008). But this CD was self released, so I guess the promotion wasn’t the best and it was destined to sink in the depths of the underground death metal abyss, but everything seems to be changing with this new demo, “Dreaming Death”, as I just got a copy of it. And thanks to the ancient ones for that, as I could have missed one of the best demo releases of the decade, really! My jaw is three floors below and neck is still aching, after I’ve listened to “Dreaming Death” several times… it is just so difficult to recover after this death metal devastation. I think that even the best bands from this genre wouldn’t be ashamed to have such a killer MLP in their discography!
Style wise Beyond Mortal Dreams performs the uncompromising, American styled death metal, equal to Morbid Angel, Immolation, Nile… Nile mainly, as I can hear quite many resemblances between both bands. From one hand Beyond Mortal Dreams is not using any of those long orchestral interludes or whatever stuff Nile’s got on each of their records, they also do not have any of those Mid Eastern melodies, concentrating on the utter brutality and intensity. But the riffs, arrangements, specific vocals’ style and performance – they all remind me Nile, but it doesn’t mean that Beyond Mortal Dreams is just a bare copy of the Sanders’ band. There is something more in their music. But it doesn’t matter. The most important is the fact how strong “Dreaming Death” is and how well composed, arranged and performed it is. I mean there is no single fragment, which I wouldn’t like or which would seem to be not perfected or whatever; each of the four songs are complete and killer. It can be damn fast and dense, effective and technical like “Feast of Carrion” or very impressive, slower, more atmospheric and epic like the title song, which in fact is almost entirely instrumental, but which is so damn well composed and arranged… I love it; the keyboards in it, those killer guitar leads, epic riffing. All the time through Beyond Mortal Dreams shows great skills and songs; and I guess they must have been very picky about the riffs and leads, which were used on the demo, as all of them, plus the vocals are just awesome. Arggghhhh, no, there is absolutely NOTHING bad, what I could say about “Dreaming Death”, this demo is perfect and I can only recommend it to all of you, hoping also that Beyond Mortal Dreams will be picked up by a label and will release a new full length album any time soon.
Final rate: 93/100

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  1. I blame this band for the neck damage I suffer from - skull crushing brutality at it's finest!!! If you haven't got it, GET IT!! If you don't want to get it, then you are a giant vagina!!!