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Deception - Nuclear Wind

DECEPTION - Nuclear Wind (REDRUM 666 - CD 2004)
“…Feel the blow…”
After two such killer demos as “Age of Suffering” and “Holy Deception”, Deception quickly became one of my favourite Polish death metal bands at the time, when those demos were released – in 2002/2003, when I got them sent to me to review for my old fanzine. I was really, really impressed by the quality of Deception’s music and how strong and powerful everything sounded on those two CDR’s. It was obvious then that I was really looking forward to hear Deception’s debut full length album, which finally was released in 2004 by Redrum 666, a label, which picked up at that time some great Polish bands (like Eclypse). Ha, “Nuclear Wind” was just a must to have for me. Well, it is quite interesting to notice, when I listen to the album, that the CD has only new songs. You know, usually if the band records some demos and then an album they pick up some of the strongest demo tracks and re-arrange / re-record them for the full length, which has a lot of sense of corpse. Meanwhile “Nuclear Wind” has no old songs at all and so it offers completely new tracks only. There’re eight of them and it total there is 28 minutes of music, which is definitely enough for such an intense and relentless dose of exterminating death metal.
Deception has changed the recording studio for “Nuclear Wind” and while the demos were recorded at Hertz, this album was done at Screw Factory. Well, Hertz always provided a great quality of sound, but Screw Factory also did good job and I can say that “Nuclear Wind” sounds not so bad, maybe bit rawer and dirtier than the “Holy Deception” demo, but definitely there won’t be a bad word from me on the production of this album.
The couple of demos, which I’ve mentioned earlier, had a very strict musical style, which hasn’t really changed on “Nuclear Wind”. Deception still performs their death metal in the fastest and most violent ways, striking with the massive and thick wall of guitars and tight drumming. Such style hasn’t really leave much room for innovations, if you want to keep it intact and often leads to eating your own tail, what bands like Krisiun were suffering for on many of their mid period albums. Deception’s “Holy Deception” demo was interesting in that matter as the band never really sounded monotonous and dull on it, incorporating also some more mid paced and sometimes even catchier parts. In this matter “Nuclear Wind” is not less intriguing for me, as each of the eight tracks, which this album is composed of, walks similar path of the pure aggression, constant blasting and ferocity, but again incorporates something more, just to avoid the monotony. Besides, the whole album is only 30 minutes long, so it basically finishes before I start to may start being tired.
Besides, Deception has still plenty to offer in this style. I can definitely say that the band has developed technically, as many of their riffs seem to have more complex nature, the guitarist incorporated more twisted and sometimes quite complicated parts, like in “Modern Apostles”, which belongs to the best songs from the album, and which really amazes with the precision of riff slaughter and how the guitar parts, with all those leads and brutal sounds have been putted together, while the pace is obviously rather fast. From the other hand there’s really killer, mid paced song “Revenge”, which will let you take breath before faster and extreme death metal will crush your body yet again. Someone may feel slightly tired with this constant blast beat and ferocious violence, but in my opinion Deception does everything really well. Many of their riffs are not only murderous, but also kind of catchy, the vocals are also great and the production very energetic. I have nothing more to ask for. “Nuclear Wind” is just fuckin great.
Standout tracks: “Modern Apostles”, “Revenge”
Final rate: 80/100

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