Thursday, 13 September 2012

Diabolical Messiah - Satan Tottendemon Victory!!!

DIABOLICAL MESSIAH - Satan Tottendemon Victory!!! (Proselytism Records - CD 2010)
The Chilean metal underground scene is worldwide known for the fierceness and relentlessness, as well as the aggression and primitiveness of the bands from there and I can truly say that there are few, which I quite like. Thornafire, Atomic Aggressor, Magnanimus, Totten Korps… I hope you know them. But few months ago I got a compilation CD called “Tu Futuro…”, released by a young label Proselysism, and this compilation presented me some more, younger, but even more violent and incredibly rough metal from Chile, with such excellent bands as Demonic rage, Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Communion, Atomicide and Diabolical Messiah. I was like “wow, those bands are really crushing with their amazing, old school music!” and I was very impressed by how dedicated to the underground values they all seem to be. I obviously decided to get some of their releases, if I ever have a chance and Diabolical Messiah’s “Satan Tottendemon Victory!!!” was the first one, which I got. Ha, and I hope it’s not the last one from this band, as this album definitely belongs to my favourite South American death metal releases, which I have EVER heard and I am very stunned by the crushing sounds from it.
Style wise “Satan Tottendemon Victory!!!” is nothing more or less, but pure, old school death metal. The band seems to be combining some of the finest influences you can hope for, and so think of the likes of Morbid Angel, Incantation, Immolation, Krisiun and other such cults, all songs sounding incredibly evil and relentless. Definitely there’s something unique in Diabolical Messiah music. I mean the way it sounds is just awesome and it definitely is one of the heaviest death metal albums, which I have heard recently. What I especially like about it is that it is almost constantly fast, slaying with rather simple riffing, but the whole music sounds very massively and brutal. It’s like an Incantation’s slow pieces were fastened up, if you know what I mean. The atmosphere of the music is eerie, evil and dark as hell, the whole sound is thick and I must underline how great is the production of “Satan Tottendemon Victory!!!”, in case you would think that such an underground and rough piece of music can (or should) only sound primitive – not at all, Diabolical Messiah sounds just great. All in all, as I already said, I really like the album. I guess the only small fault of it is the impression, which I sometimes have and which is a feeling like I was listening to one or two songs all the time, as the similarity between all of them, between the arrangements and the riffs is very close and Diabolical Messiah never really tries to vary their music too much, focusing on what they do best. But for the future I would suggest maybe using some more of the slower parts (like the ending part of “Sidarius”), something even more apocalyptic. “Satan Tottendemon Victory!!!” sometimes miss that in my opinion, but from the other hand the fast playing, which Diabolical Messiah does also doesn’t need more than just banging the skull.
Ah, I must also underline how great work Proselytism did for the release of “Satan Tottendemon Victory!!!”. This definitely is one of the best released CD’s I have in my collection! It comes in a foldout 7”EP cover, with four panels. While the front artwork may seem slightly primitive and it’s not really the best drawing, which I’ve seen, the rest of the layout looks great. I love the band’s photos, which are very old school and very metal to the bone, exactly something what I would expect from the South American death metal band, with a statue of Mary, corpse painted, what looks fuckin blasphemous as hell! The CD comes also with the small poster and the extra booklet with the Spanish translations of the lyrics. Hell, this truly is killer and if all Proselytism releases look like that, then this must be one of the best underground labels around at the time. So, remember to get “Satan Tottendemon Victory!!!”, it’s limited to 1000 copies, so not many and it may even be all sold out, but there will be also a vinyl version from Blood Harvest… a must to have in the collection anyway!
Final rate: 75/100

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