Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Necrowretch - Putrefactive Infestation

NECROWRETCH - Putrefactive Infestation (DETEST - MLP 2011)
This is honestly one of those vinyls, which I bought without even knowing the band at all. Despite the fact that Necrowretch has released two demos before this MLP – “Rising from Purulence” in 2009 and “Necrollections” in 2010 – I haven’t heard any of them, but for “Putrefactive Infestation” I decided to take the risk, as I like most of the bands, which Detest Records releases and also I’ve heard quite a lot of good opinions about Necrowretch from other maniacs. And now I can say that I definitely do not regret that I’ve purchased “Putrefactive Infestation”, as this is really cool piece of 12” vinyl and there’s just one thing, which I don’t like about it and it’s the fact that there are only four songs on it. 13 minutes of such high class old styled death metal make me scream MORE, I WANT FUCKIN’ MORE!!!!!!!!!
When reviewing “Putrefactive Infestation” one problem appears and that’s the fact that I will probably need to rewrite a bunch of other reviews that I’ve written in the past months, when the amount of the bands, which play old school death metal and do so with passion, enthusiasm and great quality was so overwhelming. You can ask yourself how many times I would need to repeat the same words, the same sentences to describe all those recordings hehe? But who cares, sometimes the words are not necessary, it’s better just to listen to those sounds and make the fuckin’ devastation. Anyway, it’s a duty of reviewer to spend some time, trying to describe and make an opinion on the music and say if you like it or not. And in case of “Putrefactive Infestation” I can definitely say I like it a lot!
I guess it wouldn’t be an insult if I say that Necrowretch plays very Swedish influenced death metal, but adds some additional marks of the styles of Autopsy or early Death. No surprise then, but I don’t care. This Merciless / Nihilist / Autopsy brand of death metal on “Putrefactive Infestation” makes a very good impression on me, with some infectious melodies, obscure, eerie atmosphere, some faster, more furious and neckbreaking riffs and harsh, screaming vocals. I guess those vocals may be something, which not everyone will like, especially if you expect more deep and typical death metal growls, but again, who cares? What matters is how well the songs on “Putrefactive Infestation” has been performed, how killer are these riffs and how well did Necrowretch managed to re-create the feeling and style of old death metal. I do feel like I was listening to some old demo tapes from the early 90’s. The production is also very cool, it isn’t too raw or primitive, but rather typical old Swedish sound, but that again only makes the final result better. Honestly there’s just nothing I could moan about, if we speak about the musical value of Necrowretch miniLP. The songs are more mid paced than fast, never going into the blasting territories, what is also fine. So, you definitely should check this record out, and keep an eye on those French bastards. They apparently sold their souls to Century Media, which may not be the best idea in my opinion, but let’s wait and see what the debut full length will be like. If it’s going to be any close to this MLP or to “Now You’re in Hell” 7”EP, then it should a real killer.
Final rate: 85/100 

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