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Centurion - Serve No One

CENTURION - Serve No One (WM PSYCHO - CD 2012)
It seems like I’ve missed this Polish band in the past, as despite the fact that Centurion had an album released already in 2002 plus several demo recordings, “Serve No One” is my first confrontation with this troop of devastation. Of course it sucks, I hate to know that there’s something probably good, what I’ve missed, but from the other hand knowing how bad was the promotion of Apocalypse Productions I can assume that I’m not the only unlucky fellow here. The same thing was when I was listening and reviewing Sphere’s “Homo Hereticus” and with both bands I can expect that getting those first, unavailable CDs will be very difficult. But the life goes on, as certain Swedish band used to sing (or growl) and so rather than keep my mind obsessed with the thoughts of old albums it’s better just to let “Serve No One” take control over it (the mind).
And the name of the game here is pretty simple. It’s brutal, relentless, devastating death metal. And it is utterly deepened in the American styles of brutal, neckbreaking massacre. But even though the odour of the US bands comes from the speakers, definitely it do not disturb and I don’t see it as an disadvantage, as Centurion fuckin slays, delivering such a quality and killer sounds that they match the best bands and do not bring shame and dishonour to these Poles! Starting with a blasting ferocity of “Total Terror” you’ll be smashed with the wall of massive riffs and very fast drumming. And “Ego Ultimus” and other following tracks will be like killing the wounded, this is just vicious and brutal Vital Remains / Malevolent Creation / Rebaelliun / Deicide (plus some of the more brutal Vader parts and Azarath) death metal feast. And I love it. There may not be much originality or someone may desire some more variation in this style (which is ridiculous, as the band definitely do not bore or play monotonously, making sure there’s also time and occasion to take the breath before another crucial bombing will take place and destroy everything around!), but really the quality of riffs, arrangements, tight, furious drumming, growls and just of the whole performance is top notch. And the fact that most of the songs are circling around 2-2,5 minutes helps in getting swallowed by the chaos and brutality of “Serve No One”. With such short tracks, each is like a fast kick or rather a hit by the massive, heavy hammer, which crushes your skull into disgusting jelly of bones and slime, which once was brain. This is more or less what I’ve felt after listening to this album several times… fuckin massacred!
But fortunately Centurion do not stick with the constant blasts and ultra fast playing, often bringing some slower, sometimes even catchier parts like in “Gateways to Condemnation” or awesome “Thy Portal” (Morbid Angel!!!!!!!!!), which may be my favourite song from the whole album, because even though it’s played in more mid paced tempo, it slays with great and memorable riffs. And another real highlight of the whole “Serve No One” is the final song, “No One to Serve”, which is much slower and more epic than rest of the material, bringing some excellent Incantation and Morbid Angel like riffing and more eerie atmosphere. And all the way through the album an obliteration of the holiness comes - not just with the sounds, but also with deeply blasphemous and antichristian lyrics, where you’ll get involved in the desecration of the holy kingdom and ritual massmurder. Ohh yeah, how sweet it is. Definitely I can say that I can recommend Centurion’s second CD to every self respected death metal maniac. Personally I like it a lot and have been listening to it almost constantly for the past few days and still not having enough or feeling bored, which is great. And not really so surprising, as those 28 minutes go by very quickly, especially if the material is so powerful and energetic.
Standout tracks: “No One to Serve”, “Thy Portal”, “Gateways to Condemnation”, “Desecration of the Holy Kingdom”
Final rate: 85/100

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