Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Doombringer - Sevenfold Pestilence

DOOMBRINGER - Sevenfold Pestilence (AMOR FATI - 7"EP 2012)
Doombringer belongs to those bands, which I guess I would never check if someone didn’t bother to recommend it to me and insist how great they are. And because I don’t like to feel the gun touching my forehead, I quickly send some money and purchased a copy of Dombringer’s EP, hoping that the recommendation was honest and everything will turn out well. I didn’t even know much about the band before “Sevenfold Pestilence” ended up in my hands, but now my knowledge of the band is bigger and I know that this is a project of guys, who plays also for Bestial Raids and Cultes des Ghoules – some of the most respected Polish underground black metal acts. For Doombringer those who hide behind names: Sepulchral Ghoul, Pestiferous Preacher and Old Coffin Spirit opted for equally primitive and morbid music, but one which is more death than black metal, although the influences of it (read: black) can be traced on “Sevenfold Pestilence” as well.
“Sevenfold Pestilence” is just two tracks EP, but with 12 minutes of music it’s quite long 7”EP. The layout is very minimalistic, but I like the colouring, which is sort of faded yellow / grey, so that looks cool. “Seven Evil Spirits” is the track from side A and it’s truly mournful, slow, doomy based anthem, very ghoulish and depressing. Then “Summoning Undead Mysteries” from side B is much faster, more relentless, but equally obscure and eerie. For the influences I guess you would need to look among the bands like Acheron, Incantation, Winter, Grave Miasma, Necros Christos and such, so we’re talking here about some of the most evil sounding hordes. “Sevenfold Pestilence” does not maybe show the most innovative and definitely not entertaining music, but surely Doombringer has some powerful riffs and very possessed, lunatic vocals. This is the most gruesome and macabre death metal as it only can get and for the black metal influences – along with some traces of the Blasphemy / Beherit style – I think you can find here also some Greek old school black metal influences, which only underlines the dark character of the music of Doombringer. I’m only afraid that I cannot compare “Sevenfold Pestilence” to the two demos, which those Poles have released earlier. I haven’t heard them, but man, if they’re close to this EP, then you can expect a real death metal feast. I’m definitely waiting for more recordings from this band!
Final rate: 80/100

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