Wednesday, 13 June 2012

DARK OPUS - Ignominious Fundamentals

DARK OPUS - Ignominious Fundamentals (Battlesk'rs Productions - CD 2012)
This review is gonna be short, because there’s not really much to tell about “Ignominious Fundamentals”. But that’s not because it’s completely useless shite or whatever, but just because this is only a 12 minute short EP and so it doesn’t require me to write a review long for 1000 words! Anyway, Dark Opus is a one man project, formed back in 2000. Since then Arkhaeus released a couple of demos and splits, after which he remained silent after 2004’s split EP with Demoncy. In 2012 Arkhaeus recorded three new tracks, which were released in a simple, thin digipack, with just very basic layout and in quite minimalistic way. And limiting the CD to 470 copies only, it adds some elitism to the whole morbid atmosphere, which surrounds this project.
Speaking about the music of Dark Opus I just need to write one thing: black metal. Raw, filthy, obscure as hell, misanthropic black metal; one which is as fierce and relentless as you can imagine... And harsh production, very shrieking vocals, fast playing in most parts of these songs - these are the main values of “Ignominious Fundamentals”. Of corpse the music is not original at all, it takes a lot of influence from the early Gorgoroth, Darkthrone’s “Transilvanian Hunger”, early Deathspell Omega, but I can sincerely admit that Dark Opus managed to do a fine job here, at least in the black metal standards. I don’t think you’ll like “Ignominious Fundamentals”, if you’re not a devoted black metal maniac. Only those, who are loyal to the primitive, archaic style of this metal genre, will be able to understand and enjoy what Arkhaeus has done here. If you’re more into other styles of metal, then do not bother to listen to Dark Opus, as you’ll only waste your time. Personally I like this EP. Maybe it’s not the best black metal effort I’ve listened to recently, I’m pretty aware there are many better bands (Mgła!!!!!!!!! Anyone??), but this doesn’t affect my liking of “Ignominious Fundamentals”. I wonder now what will Dark Opus do next? Will Arkhaeus make us wait another eight years for his new recording or he’ll finally come up with a debut full length? Time will tell. At the moment there’s “Ignominious Fundamentals” and I honestly recommend this EP.
Final rate: 68/100

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