Monday, 30 April 2012

Mgła - Further Down the Nest

Maybe somebody has a spare cover for this EP, as I have just the EP and inlay card, the cover was destroyed by my 13 months old son, who mistaken it with his toys and torn it to pieces hehe!
MGŁA - Further Down the Nest (TODESKULT - EP 2007)
Right after I got blown away by “Mdłości” EP, Mgła attacked me with another 7”EP, titled  “Further Down the Nest” and once again proved to be just killer band. There are two songs on the EP and although I feel like “Mdłości” was a bit more possessing release, musically speaking, “Further Down the Nest” also captured my attention right from the first second of the furious opening riff of “Further Down the Nest I”. With that first part in the song I was surprised a bit, as the production really reminds me Taake’s albums, which is very organic and sometimes almost noisy sound, but one which also has a great live feeling and sounds like the band was actually rehearsing in this room. Luckily this certain regression of the production didn’t bring too much chaos and still all the instrumental parts are well hearable and the whole music has an enormous dose of energy and deadly ferocity, which makes it a true lethal piece of vinyl.
For the musical aspects of Mgła’s music I don’t know what else I can write, what I haven’t already done in the “Mdłości” review. Mgła stands on the side of traditional Norwegian black metal, evokes the feeling of the most classic albums of the genre, with “Transilvanian Hunger”, “Hvis Lyset Tar Oss”, “Under the Sign of Hell” and “Hordalands Doedskvad” (I know this LP wasn’t released in the 90’s, but Mgła certainly has a lot in common with the way Taake plays – especially that both bands create very similar atmosphere in their music). If I had to choose, then “Further Down the Nest II” track is my definite favourite of the two. It’s played in much slower paces, focusing more on the mid tempo to emboss the gloominess of the music (hmm, my impression on the first tune in it was… BURZUM!!!!!) and only at the end it fastens for even deeper effect. This song delivers just great vocals of M, who sings here in Polish (I have been able to pick up some single words of the lyrics), but he did some great arrangements and as overall his voice in this track is very unique. But the other song also have undeniably amazing and effective riffing and despite the fact that in both cases the song structures and composition are relatively simple, they are also very impressive. Man, it’s almost a pity that there are just two tracks on the EP, with only 11 minutes, as I would love to hear more, but luckily  soon later Mgła released their first full length album “Groza”, which fulfilled all my expectations in 666 %.
Final rate: 87/100 

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