Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Entrapment - Crawling In Morbidity

ENTRAPMENT - Crawling In Morbidity (DETEST Records - EP 2012)
Entrapment is a Dutch one man project and I can say it’s not so common to hear death metal “bands” with one member only. Entrapment is run by a guy called Michel, who plays all the instruments and sings (Growls? Screams? Howls? Ohh, wharever…). Sadly I didn’t hear neither of the two demo tapes he recorded prior to this EP (they’re “Infernal Blasphemies” from 2010 and “Putrefying Stench of Death” from the same year; I know that the second of these demos will also be released on 7”EP). “Crawling Morbidity” is actually a third demo, although Detest Records was kind enough to have it released on seven inch piece of vinyl, which is great, I think. New artwork on the front and here we go, three blasting old styled death metal anthems right in your face!
And I must say I really love these three songs from it! The production of “Crawling Morbidity” is just great, very powerful, energetic, just the way I like it. But the music… FUCK! This is just bloody awesome piece of old school! And I really like the way Michel calls it: Zombifying Soultearing Death Metal. Hehe, fuckin cool. I know there’ve been dozens of bands recently, which played similar style of music and many of you can feel fed up with it, but I’m not and what’s more, I have a feeling like Entrapment is way better than 90% of all those other bands. This guy’s music is just excellent, so fuckin straight forward, so relentless and obscure, with lovely Swedish vibe of very early Entombed / Nihilist… like in “Carnal Fears”, which is just massacring song and would easy find its place on “But Life Goes On” demo, really. Even the production is similar to this Entombed’s demo. The riffing is killer, pretty simple, with a small raw punkish edge in few places and those D-beats which made the Swedish style so unique. My favourite track is “Mass Obliteration” though, absolutely fuckin killer tune! It’s actually more melodic piece, in its opening theme as well as the one, which ends this song (and in which that awesome melodic guitar lead reminds me good old Asphyx!). There are also some doomy parts in the song, it speeds up in the middle, but as a whole I think it is just superb and probably belongs to my favourite songs from the whole old school death metal movement, which floods the scene with so great and destructive effects. Argghhh! The only negative aspect of this track is that it finishes so quickly and abruptly! That melodic lead should go on for another 30 seconds after which the song should continue! Come on! I would love to hear more and more!
Fuck, normally I love 7”EP singles, for their unique look and timing, but sometimes, when the band really thrills me and I’m full of passion for their music they piss me off. 10 minutes of music is just not enough, Entrapment is so fuckin great that I want more and more!!!!!!! Michel, man, record more songs or I’ll hunt you down wherever you live and chop your head off, take the brain out and put it into my own Frankenstein monster, which I’ll create and make live, so it will play me your music all day long and compose new material. Really great job, man! “Crawling Morbidity” is just one of the best EPs (demos), which have been released in the past few years.
Final rate: 95/100 

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