Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Profanal / Obscure Infinity - United In Death

Seems like the wave of young, but old styled death metal bands and releases has no limits and each month the scene offers us many new pieces of vinyl, CD or tape. Of course at some point the balloon will be filled so much that it will blow out, but until that happens, we - the fans - can only enjoy this and try to distinguish the good bands and releases from shitty mediocrity. Here’s one title, which I can recommend you getting; with two bands, which maybe are bit less popular in the underground movement – at least they’re less known that the likes of Morbus Chron, Maim, Entrails or Bastard Priest – but who also offer some killer tunes. The split 7”EP “United In Death” introduces Profanal from Italy and Obscure Infinity from Germany.
I’m quite familiar with both bands already. I know Profanal from their split EP with Funeral Whore – and this was one hell of a great seven inch, with awesome recording from the Italians. On “United In Death” they present just one song, “Torment of Saturn”, but again they proved to be excellent band and one, which I can’t wait to hear a bit more from (I still keep looking for their demos, but hopefully a full length album will also be released any time soon). Profanal’s music is very Swedish, no doubt about that, they incorporate the classic Swedish style and mix it up with some additional influences from other great, ancient ones like Autopsy (fuck, listen to this killer doomy bit in the middle / ending part of their song, I love it!!!!!!!), early Death, maybe also a little of Asphyx. They may not be the most original of all bands, but they have quality songs, with great riffs, awesome obscure atmosphere and good, raw production (with very Swedish guitar sound). I must also underline how great Rosy’s vocals are. Well done! Meanwhile I can truly say that Obscure Infinity is a band, which has already found its own style and way of playing. I have heard their demo and album already and can say they sound like not so many other bands. Of course they take some influences from many legendary acts, from Asphyx through Death and Morgoth and finishing with Darkthrone’s “Soulside Journey”. But it’s their songwriting a major factor, which makes them sound more unique than rest of the bands. The song structures are more complex and carefully arranged; the riffs are often melodic and bloody dark and gloomy, creating a killer atmosphere, one which is utterly possessing. And “Sign of the Nightsky” is a song, which is equally great as the material from their “Dawn of Winter” album.
And so, as I said, it is possible to find some real jewels in the rotten and more crowded than ever scene. This split EP will provide you a couple of killer bands and I cannot recommend it to you more. “United In Death” is limited to 500 copies, with 100 on purple vinyl, so be quick, get yourself a copy and enjoy two great bands!
Final rate: 87/100

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