Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Necrowretch - Now You'e In Hell

NECROWRETCH - Now You're In Hell (DETEST Records - EP 2012)
I was recommended to check Necrowretch and so I started to look for their recordings. Sadly I haven’t had a chance to listen to any of their demo tapes, hopefully I’ll get them soon, but luckily Detest Records has unleashed a new 7”EP single “Now You’re In Hell” just few weeks ago I purchased a copy and I gave it a listen. Here are my words of wisdom:
Of course it is relatively difficult to judge the band basing your opinion just on one song – this EP offers only one Necrowretch track – “From a Hideous Summoning”, with Death’s “Zombie Ritual” cover on side B. But that one song makes me think that those two French dudes do know what they’re doing and are definitely good at it. The song is very strong and solid, with a strong Swedish death metal influence in the opening theme (which is great melodic riff). Later on that Swedish style is not necessarily that dominant (although of course early Dismember or Nihilist traces are still present there) and some other styles appear, even the good old thrash metal has its place in Necrowretch style. More so, Vlad’s vocal style is more of a black metal shriek than death metal growl (hmm, actually with some of those thrashier riffs and those screamy vocals I started to think of the likes of Merciless, I guess the great “The Awakening” syndrome has affected Necrowretch also!). The song is really good, full of vitality, passion and overwhelming aggression. Sadly side A do not offer one more song from the band, but at least we get a Death cover for dessert (and that’s because it’s been already 10 years since Chuck Schuldiner has passed away). As often as “Zombie Ritual” has been already covered, I like this track so much that I have never enough and another cover of it is welcomed with a maniacal headbanging and horns raised in praise. Necrowretch did a good job here, Vlad’s vocals gave it slightly new dimension maybe, but that’s cool and trust me, you’ll going to scream the chorus and enjoy it totally!
Well, I can honestly say that “Now You’re In Hell’ made me only hungry to hear some more leathal tunes from Necrowretch. I’ll try to get the demos, maybe also “Putrefactive Effection” MLP. I know now that they’re worth it. What I find as funny though is that Necrowretch has signed a deal with Century Media. Fuck, this label is so trend-kissing that it’s a shame to the metal underground (they also signed Morbus Chron!). In the mid 90’s they didn’t really give a shit about death metal anymore, all their death metal bands – if there were any left in this label - (except Asphyx maybe) have started to change styles but now, when there’s new wave of old styled death metal so popular they decided to get their piece of this rotten cake! I only wonder, for how long? I wish Necrowretch all the best though, hopefully their full length album will be a true shredder!
Final rate: 80/100 

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