Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Sacrofuck / Enterchrist - Split CD

I have small problem with Putrid Cult Productions. This label has some very interesting and worthy releases in the catalogue, from bands which Morgul brought straight from the deepest pits of extreme metal underground. But that catalogue is also filled with few forgettable and weak releases, which I think are only waste of time and money, nothing else. Well, two bands on this split CD, which I have to describe now, are not the worst stuff from Putrid Cult, but far from the best also. It's just very, very mediocre and I am afraid that such split CD is rather destined to perish in oblivion. Few will like it, most will not even bother to check it. That's the truth. Do I recommend it? Only if you have plenty of time to waste. 
First there's Sacrofuck. I have their split with Execution of Light / Putrid Evil and I'm trying to recall if I actually ever listened to it. I don't think I did hahaAnyway, here we have five songs from Sacrofuck and all I can say about their music is that it's disgusting, filthy and rather primitive sounding death metal. Which is good of course, we all like when death metal sounds nasty, right? It's a bit alike to Autopsy, but without that doomy aspect and brilliance in riff sector. It's slightly more brutal also. I definitely like their part of the split better, the music has nice groove sometimes and really repulsive, vulgar character. Such songs like "Jacek G." and "Pętla" are definitely worth checking, in my opinion, there are some cool riffs, nice morbid feel! But is it enough to really pay attention to Sacrofuck? Well, maybe yes, maybe no... it depends how many new bands you wanna check per month. It is OK to listen to, I do quite like it, but with so many killer bands around, it's also instantly forgettable. Just very, very underground kind of stuff for die hard maniacs. 
Enterchrist is next. I have very little information about this project, but I think they're also Polish and this is their debut recording??? Musically it's more grinding kind of death metal, even more brutal and heavier than Sacrofuck stuff. It's also faster and almost punkish in its structure and simplicity. And the vocals are as nasty, guttural and extreme as possible. And well, it's not my kind of stuff, really. Sure, there are some interesting aspects in this music - some cool riffs (like in "The Morning of the 14th Day", this song has awesome groove!), even this vomiting vocal of Mr. Cock (ha!) are cool. But I can't feel much excitement from such music. It doesn't disturb me, I can play to occasionally, but would I be able to "love" it? I don't think so. Again, it's very small, underground band, which devoted extreme metallers could check, but nothing obligatory. 
Standout tracks: "Jacek G.", "Pętla", "The Morning of the 14th Day" 
Verdict: 60/100 

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