Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Sacrificulus - Uada Magus

Sacrificulus is new project from Lord K. of Nekkrofukk infame. Together with Ritual Bloodshed's drummer an album called "Uada Magus" was created. And Putrid Cult released it. First thing, which caught my attention was the artwork and photographs for "Uada Magus". Great band logo, fantastic pictures of both band members and then there's also the front artwork, with the purple church on it – which obviously gives you a strong resemblance to "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas". A closer look and you can also spot there a hanged man and shadow of death holding the scythe. Very, very nice presentation. 
And the music? Well, Sacrificulus' simplistic and utterly raw black metal is not for everyone. If you only just started to listen to this music and have not yet adopted to its most cryptic and primitive forms, then "Uada Magus" will disgust you. So, forget about clean production, melodies, keyboards or catchy riffs. Sacrificulus definitely stand on a side of crude and harsh sounding black metal, with almost square simple riffs, basic arrangements, sloppy playing and strong primitive feeling. Their sound is almost like from the mouldy bunker, it stinks like decaying corpse and atmosphere-wise it's just very cold and obscure. Do not expect any "fireworks" in Sacrificuls music, do not expect to hear even one catchy melody or single memorable riff. It's completely opposite to that. And that "Deathcrush" cover becomes a good comparison of what Sacrificulus music is like.  
But is it anything interesting at least? Well, yes. I quite like "Uada Magus", I like that primitive nature and morbid, deathly atmosphere of this music. It's nothing spectacular or fantastic, yet when played in proper conditions, these sounds actually become quite hypnotizing. It's not an album, which you could play if you want to listen to something entertaining, it just won't work that way. But have it played in the night or when you take a walk in frosty woods – this is when such music will make sense. This is when its dark, primitive and negative aura will speak to you. On the other hand, I have to say that I couldn't spin to "Uada Magus" more than twice. After a while the music becomes quire tiring, so I felt a need to play something else. But I will be back to Sacrificulus for sure. 
Standout track: "Seven Skulls of Wrath" 
Verdict: 70/100 

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