Friday, 18 May 2018

Nekron - Psychosis

NEKRON - Psychosis (PUTRID CULT - CD 2017)
"Psychosis" is third album from Nekron, which is a Polish one-man black metal project. But I don't think this name ever popped into my head before I got this CD. Maybe I missed something interesting, maybe I didn't... who cares. With "Psychosis" the band signed a pact of blood with Putrid Cult and only now their name is a bit more recognized. And I could give it a listen also. 
I have to say that the layout for "Psychosis" fits the music perfectly. It's all very minimalistic, very dark and simple. So is the music. All five songs from "Psychosis" are similarly built upon the doomy, slow and simple guitar riff, which is effectively accompanied by great sound of keyboard. It all has an utterly harsh and almost primitive feeling, but I have to say that the atmosphere, which Nekron builds is the strongest aspect of "Psychosis". Because it really reminds me some early Burzum records, with that necro sound and cold, truly malicious, obscure atmosphere that were characteristic not just for Burzum, but for many other old Norwegian black metal releases as well. Nekron brings that feeling back and I have to say that it sounds interesting. Maybe it could ask for a bit more diversity, because to be honest I feel like I was listening to one song over and over again - the tempo never changes, riffs and keyboards sound pretty much the same also. But it actually helps to achieve that hypnotic feel in the music. Nekron arranged his black metal in as simple way as possible, but this album is only 30 minutes long, which is just enough before it can get boring. And as I mentioned, maybe this music isn't innovatory or exceptional at all, but "Psychosis" won me with the atmosphere it evokes. This is why I truly enjoyed listening to this CD and have been positively surprised. I definitely will come back to Nekron more than once and if there's ever going to be another album coming, I'm sure that I will want to check it out. 
Standout tracks: neither of them, they all sound the same 
Verdict: 69/100 

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