Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Apostasy - Sunset of the End / Fraud in the Name of God

APOSTASY - Sunset of the End / Fraud in the Name of God (FALLEN TEMPLE - CD 2018)
This Chilean band was formed already way back in 1988, but I don't think I've ever heard about them before. If I'm wrong, then at least this is the first time I can listen to their music. Fallen Temple has just re-released Apostasy's debut album "Sunset of the End" from 1991, with "Fraud in the Name of God" demo as a bonus. It's actually second time this set is released – previous version came from Proselytism Records from Chile. I know this label, I have maybe three releases from their catalogue and I love them (love their 7" size digipaks and the layout they always come up with). But their range was rather local, so it's good for Apostasy to have their old recordings released also for European market, which can give them a bit more exposure. They may need it, since Apostasy is back and active after 10 years of lying in the graveIt's actually only one original member Cris Profaner with two new musicians. But that doesn't matter. They're back, but before I give a listen to their new EP "The Blade of Hell", I played "Sunset of the End" several times. 
And well, what we have here is thrash metal band, with small hint of ancient, archaic death metal thrown here and there. Since the album is from 1991, you can easily guess that the music is as traditional as it can only be. Dark Angel, Sepultura, Slayer, Possessed – such bands are the most obvious influences for Apostasy, maybe also some of their countrymates like Pentagram. They have nice razor-sharp riffs, with good dose of aggression and that thrashing old school vibe, which is so characteristic for these old days. Their music is mostly fast, so I can only imagine what madness it could have awakened under the stage among South American fans when played live. They love such stuff!  
As for me... Well, I found some good tunes here, definitely "Sunset of the End" has its "moments"… but on the other hand the whole album, with the demo, go for nearly 75 minutes, so I quickly got fed up and simply fuckin bored. It doesn't matter if they have some killer riffs here and there and that the album is a nice relict from the past. It's just not good enough to keep me interested for so long. I felt that I would rather listen to something else, because Apostasy doesn't feed my hunger for killer metal! Good riff here, good song there, but everything becomes too blurry after a while and especially the demo material becomes irritating. Besides, along some dull moments, I can't stand some of the vocals, especially when they tend to sound a bit cleaner, sang with more normal voice rather than a vicious scream. Oh boy, this dude cannot sign at all! So, I'm sorry to say but I spend few hours with this album, but turned it off with feeling of relief that it's over and I can finally play something else. 
OK. I checked and it turns out I was mistaken. I did hear Apostasy before, because their song is on Proselytism compilation CD "Ill Futuro...", which I have in my collection. They also appeared in Compilation of Death zine. Their name never stayed in my mind for long, after listening to this CD I know why. 
Verdict: 60/100 

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