Monday, 9 April 2018

Putrid Yell / Profaner - The Beginning of the Mortuary Decay

PUTRID YELL / PROFANER - The Beginning of the Mortuary Decay (CRYPTS OF ETERNITY - CD 2015)
Such splits are something what I simply worship. Two killer bands from South America, about which only a few people have an idea. But they deliver such a fine death metal that they become more worthy and influential to me than last three Cannibal Corpse albums putted together. This is the pure essence of underground death metal and real feast for the maniacs! If I can be honest, I never heard Putrid Yell and Profaner before "The Beginning of the Mortuary Decay" hit me. But their music surprised me a lot, with the insane quality, killer riffs, feeling and atmosphere they created in these old school sounds. Fantastic stuff. 
Putrid Yell from Chile goes first. Three songs plus a godly cover version of "Serenade in Lead" from the Asphyx catacombs is what they offer. Musically this is death metal, which certainly takes a lot of influence from "Scream Bloody Gore", "Left Hand Path", "The Rack", "Malleus Maleficarum" and all these godly death metal classics, which you can find in your nearest graveyard. Putrid Yell's sound is mostly Swedish like I believe, with the Nihilist – esque guitar tone and some jaw-dropping melodies that were incorporated here and there. And believe me, this band really plays perfect tunes of death. I love this sort of riffage, the dark, horror-eqsue aura and viciousness, which come from these songs. I really got hooked by it from the very first second of "Consuming Aberration" and I think it's my favourite type of death metal. My favourite song is probably "Desire of Death", which is simply killer, but the mentioned "Consuming Aberration" is also a crusher. 
As for Profaner from Peru, their music has quite simplistic and archaic feel, like some of the most obscure and morbid death metal releases from the old days. It's not so memorable and immediately hooking like Putrid Yell music, it's also not quite as good as the Chileans' stuff, but I like it also, of corpse I do! Their stuff is close to the likes of Master, Necrophagia, Autopsy, Acheron... Most of their stuff is up tempo death metal, except the final part, which is just sick, obscure doom death metal that turns out to be "Triumph of Death" by the mighty Hellhammer. "Abysmal Lethanies" is for sure my fave song. It has great feeling, some very good riffs and generally it's yet another recording, which scream "old school death metal underground"… I don't require anything else. 
There's vinyl version available also, just to let you know! 
Standout tracks: "Desire of Death", "Consuming Aberration", "Abysmal Lethanies" 
Verdict: 80/100 

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