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Sickening Gore - Destructive Reality

SICKENING GORE - Destructive Reality (MASSACRE Records CD 1993)
Sickening Gore is another band, which I would like to introduce to you. This Swiss band started as Reactor in 1991 and released "The Tribunal Above" demo, which I never had a chance to hear. In 1992 they changed their name for something more suitable to brutal death metal, for Sickening Gore and in 1993 released the only album "Destructive Reality". Don't be surprised then, if you've never heard it before. Sickening Gore wasn't a band, which would ever be popular. I'm not even sure, if they managed to play any gigs, not to mention small tours in their short career. Probably not. So, "Destructive Reality" never had a chance to shine, even at the time of glorious golden death metal era of early 90's. Which is a shame, but on the other hand, I can't say that Sickening Gore music was anything special. It's good, but nothing more than that. 
When I listened to this CD for the first time, I was quite surprised to hear such a good production on "Destructive Reality". It's relatively clean, very old styled, with great guitar tone and great, brutal, gory feel. The music is also damn savage and aggressive, with some similarities to bands like Vader, Sinister, Krabathor, Obscenity. Quite often the riffage has also big Slayer-esque vibe, just listen to "Obscene Existence" - it screams SLAYER out loud! Fast pace, which dominates on the album, definitely gives a good dose of energy and proper kick in face, what I like a lot. These songs have a nice feel. So, what's wrong then with "Destructive Reality"?!! Well, I don't know, but even though it all sounds OK, I cannot say that this album was able to impress me with anything special. All songs are solid, riffs are pretty cool as wellgood vocals... I play it loud and it definitely is fun to listen to it, but no walls get crushed. After a while I even get bored, even though this album is just 30 minutes long. I don't know... It's way better than many other albums from early 90's like Sororicide's "The Entity" or Desecrator's "Subconscious Release". But something's missing here, something what would really take this album above the average death metal record.  
But who cares... it's recommendable old death metal relic, one of these little known bands, which are good to listen to. The original CD of "Destructive Reality" is quite easy to find, not too expensive, so grab a copy. I don't think there're any reissue plans for it, but the old Reactor demo has been released on CD recently! 
Standout tracks: "Ancestral Hate" 
Verdict: 68/100 

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