Thursday, 12 April 2018

Paganizer - Born to be Buried Alive

PAGANIZER - Born to be Buried Alive (ASPHYXIATE Productions CD 2008)
And well, here's another oldie from Paganizer, this time it's an EP titled "Born to be Buried Alive", which came out in 2008 through Asphyxiate Recordings. I have to say that I like this short material, there are some really good brutal songs here. It may not be the most thrilling and exciting stuff from Paganizer, but it's a solid and good piece of filthy old school death metal, in that usual style known already from albums like "Promoting Total Death". So, the music is not too technical or complex, their song structures are usually based on three, maybe four riffs, but they have good vibe and are memorable as hell. Some riffs even have groove, a punkish simplicity and that D-beat, which will crush you to blood miasma. On some songs like the killer opener "Flesh Collector" Paganizer blasts like crazy, but keeps that sick and brutal feeling, which works so damn well here. And in "The Morbidly Obscene" I can even smell a huge influence in couple of riffs from Celtic Frost, which is so fantastic and I have to say that this is my favourite part of the whole EP. All together you'll find here six studio tracks plus a couple of live recordings. Good stuff. 
Standout tracks: "Flesh Collector", "The Morbidly Obscene" 
Verdict: 70/100 

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