Sunday, 24 September 2017

Tiil Sum - I nie ma śmierci, i sen jest tylko...

TIIL SUM - nie ma śmiercii sen jest tylko... (DARK OMENS Production CD 2017)
Tiil Sum's "I nie ma śmiercii sen jest tylko..." is another release of Dark Omens Production and I have to say that it's also yet another project from this label, which intrigued me a lot (I recommend also Beorn!). I have not had a chance to hear Tiil Sum's previous releases, but this new EP is very good and I am happy that I was able to get a copy and give it a listen. 
Obviously, just like most of Dark Omens Production releases, this is also a black metal band. But it has to be said that almost every band on this label sounds different. And so does Tiil Sum, whose music may have a slight Scandinavian feeling, but its dark and melancholic aura can bring some US black metal projects to your mind. But at the same time Tiil Sum sounds original enough to have their own identity. I like the fact that Tiil Sum mostly focuses on more aggressive styles of black metal and damn, some riffs on this EP are truly fantastic, especially in my favourite track "Lecz oto żyjesz", which is a real highlight of "I nie ma śmierci...". I really like this track, with mixture of vicious and aggressive, often fast black metal, some great melodies and more melancholic and sorrowful parts. The riffs are superb, the atmosphere is just hypnotizing... and the only problem is that not always Tiil Sum is able to keep that quality and tension equally high through the whole song. In this track they have succeeded with it, actually, but I cannot say the same about such "Wyprowadźcie mnie" (that introduction for this song... what the hell??!!). I also feel like the vocals could have been better, but I am that some of you will like their very harsh sound more than I do. But these are all minor complaints and generally I think that Tiil Sum came up with truly interesting and highly enjoyable and worthy release. It's pretty short, so I think I played it at least 20 times and I am looking forward to hear more from them. It's another very promising black metal project from Poland. 
Standout track: "Lecz oto żyjesz" 
Final rate: 75/100 

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  1. Thanks for kind words.

    "That singing in the second song is a sample from a movie “A czego tu się bać?” (“Nothing to be afraid of” // literally – “What is there to be afraid of?”) which is documentary about rituals, beliefs etc. concerning death, funerals.

    The sample itself is two bits of a funeral song “Już idę do grobu ciemnego, smutnego” which go something like this:
    “I’m going into the dark, sad grave
    I’ll rest there, i’ll rest there
    Untill the Judgment Day”

    “The sun and the moon will stop shining for me
    Vermin and rot, vermin and rot, they will stay with me
    Vermin and rot, vermin and rot, they will stay with me”"