Thursday, 28 September 2017

Witchburn - The Roots of Darkness and Evil

WITCHBURN - The Roots of Darkness and Evil (DARK OMENS Productions CD 2017)
Where are the roots of darkness and evil? For most black metal bands they lie in the 80's and the classics like Venom, Bathory, Tormentor, old Sodom and KreatorHellhammer, Merciless, Mayhem and so many more. Here's Polish band Witchburn, who definitely learned their lesson in history of extreme music, so this is probably why their album is soaked with the influences from the 80's satanic metal. You can obviously also bring comparisons to such Nifelheim, but who cares... I am sure that by now you know what to expect from this album. And I have to say that "The Roots of Darkness and Evil" is damn good shit and I enjoyed it 
I really like many of these Polish thrashing black metal bands, like EmpherisRagehammer, Armagh, Bestiality or Warfist. They don't give a shit about sounding nice or fancy, they can have dirty, raw production, messy riffs, sloppy drumming or harsh, drunken vocals, but the feeling of such music is killer. And I always love these thrashing riffs and catchy, memorable tunes these bands play. Witchburn is very much similar and you will find everything that characterizes this sort of style done in almost perfect way. Every song is aggressive and vicious, but that doesn't disturb them to have catchy choruses and riffs, which will force headbanging from you. The songs are awesome, really well played and the production is fantastic, I have to say. The old school vibe is there, so is the evil, satanic aura. Do I need more? No, these are some worthy 30 minutes of music, which I can listen to for the whole fuckin day. Whether the music is fast or a bit slower, it just sounds right to me. And it doesn't matter if the music sounds quite typical or schematic... Who cares, it slays. 
By the way, two things have surprised me about the line up for Witchburn. The drummer who goes by the name Tuna plays also in death metal bands from Denmark, which I fuckin love:  HyperdontiaPhrenelith and Sulphurous! I had no idea they have Polish drummer, but this is fuckin awesome, I have to say. Well done to this guy. He obviously did awesome job for Witchburn also. But I was surprised also that he and Svart (the other Witchburn member) played in band called Redivivus. Why? Well, it's been many, many years ago, when I got two Redivivus demos "Daemonolatria" and "Transcendental Thoughts Transmission" for review for my very first fanzine. I think it must have been around 1999 or 2000, when I got them. I have not listened to Redivivus since then, I almost forgot about this band's existence, but now I was reminded about it. And I will have to check my boxes, if I still have these old demos. It would be pretty cool to play them again. I will let you know with a review, if I find them! Until then, please grab a copy of "The Roots of Darkness and Evil" and bang your fuckin skull!!!! 
Standout tracks: "Rebellion and Lust", "Sworn to the Dark", "Myszeis" 
Final rate: 70/100 

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