Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Gravehammer - Morbid Obscurity

GRAVEHAMMER - Morbid Obscurity (Demo 2007)
As Gravehammer, this band may be completely unknown. It's not a surprise, because they only did one demo and one seven inch single under this moniker. But if I say that from 2010 Gravehammer exists as Ensnared, then many of you will know, where are we. Yes, this is the same Ensnared, which crushed with "Ravenous Damnation's Dawn" MLP and more recently with absolutely fantastic "Dysangelium" album (which I this is one of the best 2017 releases!!). Some years ago, before we knew of Ensnared, I was lucky get Gravehammer's "Morbid Obscurity" demo for review. It's quite rare and unknown release, so let me write few words about it! 
Honestly there's very little in common between "Morbid Obscurity" and what Ensnared does. But one thing is certain - both bands play death metal in the old school way, but Gravehammer did that in much more primeval and obscure way. They not only had raw and morbid death metal influences, but there are many thrash riffs in their songs, even sort of thrashing black metal aura of some sort, so it's quite deadly mixture, I would say. And I have to say that "Morbid Obscurity" is really cool. It's really fuckin short, with three songs and just six minutes of music, so there's not much philosophy nor the most wonderful songwriting. But Gravehammer had some great riffs, I like that harshness and aggressive style of their death / thrash / black metal, so it is a decent stuff. These guys were very young then, but they surely had good skills and ideas for writing this kind of obscure metal of death. Which is cool! And it's nice to have this demo, as it's very rare, I suppose. 
Oh, you can still read my old interview with Gravehammerhttp://panzerfaust666zine.blogspot.com/2011/09/gravehammer-swedish-and-morbid.html 
Final rate: 70/100 

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