Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Let Them Hang - Human Macabre Icon

LET THEM HANG - Human Macabre Icon (TILL YOU FUKKIN BLEED - MC 2017)
Finally I can listen to another Let Them Hang stuff. After really damn fine "Blood Illuminated Grave" EP time came for another short recording, which is "Human Macabre Icon". Three songs only, ten minutes of music, but it truly is the best recording from Let Them Hang, which I have listened to so far. 
Let Them Hang are Swedish and their death metal is soaked with the traditional svensk dödsmetall. From start to finish, from every sound and riff you'll hear where they are from. They do not combine and do not try to add different influences, which is good, because this music is good enough as it is, in its pure form. They have the groove, they have D-beat and the best guitar tone ever, they have some melodic accents as well and even the vocals sound properly for this style. There's nothing original. And you can say that it's strongly Entombed influenced (but better than anything Entombed has done since probably "Wolverine Blues" haha), so I like "Human Macabre Icon" a lot. There are three killer songs, with great riffs and groove, this EP is short but so damn sweet that I usually play it several times in a row, because giving it just one listen is not enough for me. "The Sky Is Dying" is probably my favourite here, with not only great riffs, but good dose of blasting parts. 
"Human Macabre Icon" is another great EP from Let Them Hang. I heard some news that the band split up in 2016, but came back from the dead in 2017 and they're about to record another EP, which is good. I hope that someone will compile all these EPs on CD also, that would be bloody fantastic. 
Standout track: "The Sky Is Dying" 
Final rate: 75/100

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