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Archives of the Dead part XXVI - Acheron - Deprived of Afterlife (EP 1991)

Archives of the Dead part XXVI - Acheron - Deprived of Afterlife (EP 1991)  
Line upSimon Dower (vocals), David Abbott (guitars), Tim Aldridge (guitars), Justin Wornes (bass), Jason Dutton (drums) 
Recorded between the 19-20th of April, 1991. Produced by Acheron. 
This may be my favourite piece of death metal that ever came from Australia. Yes, I do know that it's only a seven inch with two tracks and an intro, but I don't care. It's fantastic death metal and truly special stuff, which blows my fuckin head off every time I play it. Acheron was great band, I like this single even more than the stuff they did under the name Abramelin, whose debut album is legendary. But I prefer "Deprived of Afterlife" a tiny bit more.  
Generally, I think that these two songs, which are on this single, smash a lot of the old school death metal to pieces. It's nasty, brutal shit, which stylistically may have a bit of the European dark and sick vibe, but it's also strongly influenced by the US brutality and technicality. So, maybe if you think of bands like Sinister, Nihilist, Immolation and Suffocation, then maybe you will know what it's like. I love the first song especially, with its savage, blasting parts, but also some slightly melodic parts in one fragment, which sound truly great. I like the production of this EP a lot also. It's harsh, but good enough even for a death metal full length of these old days. Mind that Acheron recorded this single in 1991, so it's very early days of the genre yet! And time, when some of the best classics were recorded. For me "Deprived of Afterlife" is also such classic and essential release. 
Originally "Deprived of Afterlife" was released by French label Corpse Grinder Records, which released also great singles from Ceremonial Oath, Macabre End and Dissection. It's hard to find, expensive, but worth getting. It surely is on my wantlist! 
Final rate: 85/100 

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