Thursday, 23 March 2017

Gravestone - Rotten Kill

GRAVESTONE - Rotten Kill (RAW SKULL Rekordz CD 2017)
This review won't be long, because it cannot be long, if it's just three songs EP and the music is so generic and traditional. But saying so, I don't want to sound like someone, who didn't like Gravestone's music. It's actually the opposite – I love it and even though I cannot say that the band recorded anything extraordinary and to admit that it all is as far from being original and exceptional as it is only possible, I like their music anyway. How come? Because it's old school Swedish death metal for fuck sake! And this is my favourite style of music, so I enjoy many of these new bands, it doesn’t matter if they sound original or not. Such Gravestone's music can sound almost like cover band sometimes and I am sure that you will think that this riff or this melody, especially in the second song "Rotten Kill" sound a bit too familiar. I don’t care, I like it a lot. And yes, the band features Penki Samuelsson from Entrails and that's one of the main directions where you should look at if you want to know what is their sound and style. 
Anyway, Gravestone did a killer job on this debut EP "Rotten Kill" and it should not disappoint any fans of OSDM. Basically everything about it is superb. I like the production a lot, with great chunky guitar tone and powerful sound of the entire music. I like the vocals and finally I love the sort of riffs and melodies Gravestone presents in every song. The title song is probably the most catchy, with its slow or mid paced riffage, memorable melodic lines and instantly hooky chorus. But "Fucking Your Corpse in Hell" (what a subtle title haha) will crush you with great aggression and brutality, fast death metal in its best. And "By the Knife" will end the execution if only there's anybody left alive to hear the last minutes of this EP. 
Short, but so fuckin sweet – this is how I would describe this EP. There are three slabs of OSDM and each is like a punch in the face, knocking you out and bringing such a joy for those, who love this sort of riffs. Great music, great debut. I want to have it on vinyl. Oh, remember to press repeat buttong before you play "Rotten Kill". 
Standout track: all 
Final rate: 80/100 

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