Friday, 24 March 2017

Vrag - Exile

VRAG - Exile (SCHATTENKULT Produktionen CD 2017)
Last year I had a chance to review Vrag's album titled "Species of One" and I really liked it a lot. It was a killer Darkthrone'ish simplistic black metal, played in great style and conatined some excellent songs. Now I have an opportunity to listen to newest Vrag's release called "Exile" and I'm afraid that my impression is not so good this time and I'm not so enthusiastic towards this album so much. When compared to their previous album, this time Vrag came with rather mediocre quality songs and even though style of their music is fairly similar, they are not able to convince me 100%. 
Would it mean that Vrag went backwards and was not able to receive the quality of "Species of One"? Not really, because "Exile" is actually an older material, recorded already in 2009/10, but unreleased until now. The band recorded vocals and bass in 2014 and finally "Exile" was ready to be spread upon the mankind. And OK, I understand the idea to save this album from oblivion and to release some old stuff, but for me, when compared to "Species of One", "Exile" is disappointing and I just don't like it so much. There are some better songs, sure, because if you like that cold, ugly and sort of primitive and harsh black metal reminiscent of Urgehal, Pest, SzronHorna and millions more, then it will speak to you. Vrag doesn't offer anything exceptional in this style, doesn't sound like a band, which is a must to hear, but rather something what you can listen once you have a chance, but I doubt if this album will stay with you for long and will be a must to have. Even if instrumentally it can be quite catchy sometimes, the general aura of the music is surely obscure, grim and hateful. Among relatively solid tracks like "Cold Air" you'll find little worthy pieces like incredibly punky "Youth Against Christ" or "Death Fetish", where the riffing is almost annoying sometimes. So, don't expect anything impressive, don't even expect quality known from great "Species of One". If you dig this style of black metal, feel free to check it out, but don't blame me if Vrag won't impress you. 
Standout tracks: "Cold Air" 
Final rate: 55/100 

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