Friday, 9 September 2016

Revel in Flesh / Wombbath - Dragged into the Obscure

REVEL IN FLESH / WOMBBATH - Dragged into the Obscure (UNHOLY PROPHECIES Records split 7'"EP 2016)
Finally the last split EP of Revel in Flesh is in my hands. It is their eight split EP already (!) and I suppose it would be a good idea to gather all these songs on a compilation CD, to have a nice collection of all these rare songs, especially as not everybody managed to grab these seven inches. I did! But it would be nice also to have all these songs on CD. Anyway, “Dragged into the Obscure” is kind of special split, for me personally, because along Revel in Flesh it brings us an old Swedish beast called Wombbath. I’m huge fan of both “Several Shapes” and “Internal Caustic Torments”, so I was wondering how do they sound like after the reunion. I’m yet to buy the new album “Downfall Rising” and their splits with Departed Souls and Warhound, so “Dragged into the Obscure” is the first new song of Wombbath I had a chance to hear.
So, I had to start with their song called “To Suffer Eternally”. And it doesn’t disappoint, I think. It’s solid, aggressive, powerful and vicious death metal - just as it should be! I think it’s an instant boner for all maniacs of such Swedish DM. And it’s nothing like that “Lavatory” waste of plastic and time haha! There’s groove, some melodies and if there’s anything I can complain, then sometimes this song feels a little messy. Yeah, this song doesn’t sound perfect, but I did enjoy it anyway. I’m sure their other new stuff will be even better.
“Casket Ride” is another fantastic song from Revel in Flesh. As always it’s a nice combination of melodic and aggressive, Swedish sounding death metal. And as usual, it has this dark, slightly melancholic atmosphere. Echoes of Dismember will always be hearable in Revel in Flesh music, but damn, that’s not a shame! I could never find anything, even the smallest, thing, which would bother me about their music. It’s great, aggressive, but unbelievably memorable and catchy death metal tune. You should grab the lyrics and growl along with Ralf, because this is how infectious these sounds are! I absolutely love it. And I really worship this band’s works, they get better and better and I’m also glad that the songs they bring for all these splits are not some bad, unnecessary fillers, but great tracks that deserve everyone’s attention. New album is coming soon, so I cannot wait to hear it… but they should also seriously think about that compilation CD!

Final rate: 90/100

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