Thursday, 22 September 2016

Ljosazabojstwa - Staražytnaje licha

LJOSAZABOJSTWA - Staražytnaje licha (HELLTHRASHER Productions CD 2016)
I don’t think there were any bands from Belarus that I would like… until now, when Ljosazabojstwa released their debut demo “Staražytnaje licha” through Hellthrasher Productions. This label has really surprised me recently, I have to say. They started with plenty of straight old school death metal albums, but many of their recent releases are black metal with demos from bands like Gjendød and Ljosazabojstwa or Chaos Moon EP. But this diversity in their roster works for better, I suppose, even though most of these bands in their current roster are new to me and usually I have no idea what should I expect from them. The same was with Ljosazabojstwa obviously, so I am quite happy that this demo turned out to be that good, especially for a band from country like Belarus.
It looks like Ljosazabojstwa has everything to capture the attention of raw sounding, mystical death / black metal maniacs. This is how I would personally describe “Staražytnaje licha”. They have everything to interest you, because each song brings some truly great, memorable parts and the feeling of this music and its aura are simply possessing, cold and ghastly. I cannot even decide whether I prefer when Ljosazabojstwa plays some slower motifs or rather play their music in faster, reckless way. The first one awakes the darkest and most sick, morbid feelings, with almost epic, monumental sound, while the latter gives you a killer dose of aggression and merciless death. But the riffs are great, I also like the vocals, because they’re more like harsh, nasty growl, rather than annoying screams, which would destroy the whole effect.
The influences are wide, I think, and they can start from the second and third Bathory opuses, going through some old Mayhem, Mortuary Drape or Masters Hammer, then taking a sip of Greek and Finnish death / black metal sperm and topping it all with heavy, slowed down, morbid death metal. Mix it all up in one filthy cauldron, add some sulphur and tar, give it a good swirl and here you have – Ljosazabojstwa. I have to say that “Staražytnaje licha” sounds just fuckin intriguing and even with its rawness and sometimes almost primitive nature, this demo will not let you forget about it. I personally have spent quite a huge amount of time listening to it. I have no idea what the future plans of Ljosazabojstwa are, I don’t even know how many people are involved in this band… but damn, I do hope that they will come up with some more such possessing sounds rather sooner than later.
Standout tracks: “Struk u horła Chrysta”

Final rate: 80/100

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