Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Concatenatus - Aeonic Dissonances Beyond Light's Consumption

CONCATENATUS - Aeonic Dissonances Beyond Light's Consumption
This band caught my attention last year and now they come back with their newest release. They’re called Concatenatus and I hope some of you remember my review of their “Meditation Through the Inner Vortex” demo. This time this Chilean band have a brand new EP, called “Aeonic Dissonances Beyond Light's Consumption”. And first, let me say that I just love the whole graphic design of this digipak. It is very simple, but maybe this is why it makes such a good impression on me. Black background, white gothic lettering, killer artwork and band photograph – simple, but so bloody effective and already that CD presentation sets the right mood for the music.
Concatenatus is quite original sounding black metal entity, you will surely not find many bands with similar style. It is characterized with a strong doomy influence – so, you will hear rather slower tempos, very obscure, almost ritualistic aura of the music and something really eerie that feels like comes out of the darkness of these sounds. And these vocals… wow, sometimes they sound almost possessed and sick! And I like how Concatenatus mixes harsh, lunatic screams with chanting and other such stuff. They really enhance that ritualistic, malicious feeing of the music. And believe me, this is really fuckin awesome. The first song called “Aeons” is probably the best one and damn, for me it sounds like Concatenatus were taking influences from such black metal scenes like Italian (Mortuary Drape) or Greek (many acts from there), but managed to spice it up with something individual. This song has incredible dark feeling and the riffs and all arrangements, with killer vocals, etc are just amazing. I love how it progresses, it’s almost like it was taking you on a journey into dark, unknown darkness and at the same time was putting you into trance.
With this song you can definitely tell that “Aeonic Dissonances Beyond Light's Consumption” is a good step forward for Concatenatus, but at the same time it continues what they’ve started on the “Meditation Through the Inner Vortex” demo. You can all check it yourself, as the demo is also on this CD – very good decision, indeed, as this way you’ll get over 30 minutes of fantastic obscure doomy black metal! And I hope you will support them and enjoy their music. I did!
Standout tracks: “Aeons”, “Echoing Cacophony”

Final rate: 80/100

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