Thursday, 22 September 2016

Crematory Stench - Crematory Stench

CREMATORY STENCH - Crematory Stench (FDA Rekotz - 7"EP 2016)
You think of California and immediately have in mind what? Crappy-wood? “Baywatch”? No, you think of some killer death metal bands – not only the old ones like Sadistic Intent, but also young crews like Skeletal Remains and Rude. Many of them have Latinos in line up and it’s not different with Crematory Stench, which is new, but so fuckin killer band from this sunny region of US. They just released their debut 7”EP through FDA Rekotz and I have to say that I am fully impressed with this stuff. Sure, it is yet again nothing new and you can compare Crematory Stench not only to the classic bands like Pestilence from their first two LPs, early Death, Nihilist or Asphyx, but also to their mates from Skeletal Remains or Gruesome, because they all play very similar type of old school death metal. But these similarities don’t really matter, when such great music comes from the speakers. You have no time to think about bullshit like that, because you just bang your skull and get furious while playing this godly single. And that’s what I like! My neck hurts, but I don’t care!!
Yes, I do fuckin like it a lot, especially because Crematory Stench sounds very enthusiastic and authentic, they really have killer riffs, great vocalist, who sounds like bastard child of Schuldiner and van Drunen from their early days and the production of this is just excellent. I like how it all sounds, because it’s raw, almost like an old demo, it’s not polished, which is definitely good. I made some comparisons to old and new death metal bands above, but I need to say that Crematory Stench music has also a strong thrashing vibe, which again is nothing new for Californian bands (Merciless Death, etc). Each of these four songs is a real slaughter and I really enjoy this stuff a lot. I’ve been playing this EP for the long time today and really feel enthusiastic towards Crematory Stench music. It’s one of those bands, whose music kicks your ass immediately, it’s very easily listenable and you just want more and more. Yeah. I cannot wait to hear more from this band now.
Final rate: 85/100

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