Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Infected Virulence - Infected Virulence

INFECTED VIRULENCE - Infected Virulence (Demo 1992/CD 2015)
Time for a real relic from the ancient death metal past. And band, which I don’t think is known to that many people. Personally I was also introduced to Infected Virulence not a long ago by a good friend of mine. He said it’s one of the best old German bands and that they surely deserve more attention. But sadly Infected Virulence split up way too early. Well, this isn’t surprise for me, because many death metal bands ended in the mid 90’s, when this music stopped being popular. But who cares… Here’s a fantastic CD that was released recently and which contains some of the early Infected Virulence songs. This is their “Infected Virulence” demo in entirety, originally released in 1992. In may 2015 an unknown label OSDM re-released it on CD format, limited to just 150 copies. And I have one of them, what makes me very happy man now. Because this music is absolutely fantastic and it’s better than many more known bands with their full length albums!
I love every song on this demo, seriously. Infected Virulence brings fierce slaughter, tearing apart and crushing with some of the best and most classic sounding death metal riffs you can imagine. Obviously their style was pretty common for the old days’ death scene, but damn, this demo grew old fantastically and nowadays can be seen as a real jewel and finest artifact of obscure death metal from the early 90’s. Oh yeah, this demo sounds so good! Stylistically you can put it somewhere between early Morgoth, Agoraphobia and Fleshcrawl debut CD, along with some similarities to Bolt Thrower (just listen to “From Beyond the Dead”), Asphyx and even some Swedish acts (like more brutallized Unleashed!). Well, for me this is a perfect combination of death metal styles haha and I bet that these sounds should be a wet dreams for all death maniacs. As I mentioned, all songs here are super awesome, I must also say that not only the performance of every member and songwriting are fantastic, but I also love the production of this demo. I can even admit that I love this demo more than the debut album of Infected Virulence (“Music for Melkor”).
Summing it all up, in my opinion this is one of the best death metal demos I’ve ever heard. “Infected Virulence” sounds just spotless and 100% perfect for my taste of this music and damn, I can listen to it all the time. Obviously Germany had many killer bands back in the old days – Torchure, Fleshcrawl, Obscenity, Mangled Torsos, Agoraphobia, Morgoth, Dawn… but it seems like none of them was so underrated as Infected Virulence. It’s about time then to remind you about them!
Standout tracks: ALL, but “Infected Virulence” is especially infectious

Final rate: 95/100

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