Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Pyromancer - Demo MMXV

This is Pyromancer, an American beast that features Master of Graveyard Torment on drums and Conqueror Horus on guitars, both also performing vocal duties. And both are also members of some other bands, but I honestly don’t know any of them. Pyromancer is reasonably fresh thing. This is their first recording, simply called “Demo MMXV”, originally released on cassette and now Godz ov War Productions has unleashed this filth on CD format. By the first look, I have to say that I love the whole layout. Fantastic logo, great visual side of this release…
And music… well, this is some seriously violent, vulgar and obscure black / death metal. Or war metal or bestial metal… whatever you call it. With just five songs and less that quarter of an hour, Pyromancer delivers just extreme, harsh sounding, barbaric stuff, something that maniacs of bands like Revenge, Archgoat or Diocletian will surely love. The whole aura around these sounds is incredibly dark and hateful, and the chaotic, almost primitive style of Pyromancer music conjures this feeling perfectly. Their riffs are sometimes almost archaic, luckily though Pyromancer had enough guts to come up with some great songs and achieved a harsh, but energetic production, so when played loud, “Demo MMXV” makes quite a nice impression. I like also the dual vocal performance, where growls are mixed with pissed off screams. And I like the whole straight forward, no bullshit attitude of this music.
Yeah, Pyromancer is definitely not breaking the wheels and is not coming up with anything groundbreaking or immortal… but damn, it felt like some intense punches in the face when I played their music. Good stuff for the bestial black metal maniacs.
Standout track: “Inferno”

Final rate: 70/100

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