Saturday, 23 April 2016

Bestiality - Stuck in Bestial Vision

BESTIALITY - Stuck in Bestial Vision (OLD TEMPLE - CD 2014)
This band came out of nowhere, but turned out to be a big surprise and one of the best newcoming Polish bands I heard recently. Although “Stuck in Bestial Vision” is their second release – “Way of the Cross” being a proper debut, released in small CD quantity in 2014 – only now most of us have heard of Bestiality. And surely I can strongly recommend this band and this CD to all freaks of fuckin morbid thrashing black metal, as this is just killer stuff.
I am really positively surprised with everything what I can hear on “Stuck in Bestial Vision”. All these songs are great; very aggressive, vicious, evil and obscure. Bestiality comes with some fantastic riffs and their music is almost easily listenable, almost catchy thrash / death that can remind you bands like Nifelheim, Destroyer666, Hin Hale, Pest (Swedish, from their last two albums), Necrocurse, Slaughter Messiah and so on. Some of these songs may be almost silly with their simplicity and infantile choruses – like “Raped by the Devil” – but I still like them a lot, because they sound like good company for drunk metalheads, who want to scream some blasphemous lyrics and bang skulls maniacally to their favourite music haha! And seriously, I cannot think of anything that I can point out what has been done bad or what would annoy me. Of course Bestiality doesn’t come with anything spectacular, but their music sounds just super awesome, with songs like “Way of the Cross” (oh, I love how fast it is!!!) or “Ritual Genocide”. I like also the production a lot, because it’s damn energetic and fits this sort of music perfectly… and also the voice of Alberth Dust is super cool.
So, let me repeat again; Bestiality’s “Stuck in Bestial Vision” is awesome surprise and surely one of the better releases from this sort of music, in my opinion. I can hear passion and enthusiasm for the morbid metal from those guys, their music is soaked with aggression and evilness… and damn, I guess this is a band that will come up with some exceptional stuff in near the future.
Standout tracks: “Way of the Cross”, “Crucified”, “Ode to the Dead / Tales from the Crypt”

Final rate: 80/100

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