Monday, 1 February 2016

Mordbrand / Rite split

MORDBRAND / RITE - Split 7"EP (DOOMENTIA Records - EP 2015)
Looks like some of these newly founded old school death metal bands don’t know the meaning of the word “rest” and work hard on another and another release, even if some of them are just singles. Mordbrand is one such band, with three EPs, two split 7”EPs and one full length album all released within three years. Good, I’m not gonna complain, as I like this band’s music a lot. On this recent split with Rite, putted out by Doomentia Records, they have song called “Order of the Formless”, which is just as good as their previous stuff. Good, classic style of Swedish death metal, which should tick all the right boxes if you wanted to make a precise description of this style of death metal. Of course it’s not the best song you’ll ever hear in this style, it’s probably not even in the top hundred, but damn it, it’s good enough to crush your head and tear some guts out. I like these riffs a lot, especially the one that opens the song is so fuckin heavy and damn awesome that the ears are bleeding! And Per Boder still sounds like a beast and surely this song is not tiring and repetitive as some moaners would wish it to be. Expect to hear just solid, great sounding death metal, that’s it!
I was not familiar with Rite at all, it turns out it’s black metal project, not death metal! But I know that Per Boder likes a lot of black metal (including many Polish bands haha), so I am not surprised if Mordbrand releases a split with black metal project. Rite is also Swedish and they’re OK, really. They play quite harsh and heavily distorted music, with really cold and hateful aura, there are some faster moments, as well as some slower ones and generally it’s just typical noisy Scandinavian black metal. Again I can say it’s nothing innovative, nothing spectacular, but damn solid and worthy piece of music. I played this song few times and surely need to find some more releases from Rite now.
Nice split 7”EP then!

Final rate: 75/100

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