Saturday, 13 February 2016

Creeping Flesh - Rising Terror

CREEPING FLESH - Rising Terror (Self financed CD 2015)
So, what we have here? Another Swedish death metal band? Sure, why not?! I will never have enough of good, crushing sounding Svensk Döds Metall, you know that! This band is called Creeping Flesh (after the old English horror movie with Christopher Lee, I suppose??) and “Rising Terror” is their second EP. Sadly I’ve never had a chance to hear their 2014 release “Unravelled by War”, but I do hope I will catch up on this one sometime in the future. Anyways, “Rising Terror” are five songs of traditional sounding, not even tiny bit original, but still damn nice to hear death metal. Their music is just as ordinary as it can only be, to be honest, you may have a strong feeling of déjà vu many times and feeling like those riffs have been played multiple times before and not just by the old bands, but also some newer ones, like Puteraeon, Facebreaker, Paganizer, Revel in Flesh, Blood Mortized, Malfeitor and so many more. Everything sounds quite foreseeable, even the vocals and the production of “Rising Terror” are something you would exactly expect to find. But you know, I am not gonna moan at all on that aspect of typical and unoriginal death metal, because first of all Creeping Flesh came up with some really cool songs and that’s what matters the most, I think. There’s not even a single moment of boredom, but just great riffs, with few that are really memorable and harmonious, and tempos that range from few blasts to the dominating slow / mid tempo. I suppose that “Terrorize” is the song that sounds the most aggressive and ruthless, it’s just very nice indeed. But I think that all five tracks here are on the same level, when speaking of their quality. And each has some fragments that I like a lot. “Airborne” for example sounds almost epic, so does “Fields of Rotting Flesh” (very much in the vein of such Just Before Dawn, to be honest, so it’s melodic and heavy!). Certainly Creeping Flesh still needs to bring a little bit more extra to really distinguish themselves from the rest of similar bands, but if you call yourself a fan of this particular sound and style of death metal, then “Rising Terror” should interest you from the very first second. I surely enjoyed this EP a lot, played it quite many times and definitely I wanna hear more from Creeping Flesh in the future.
Standout tracks: “Airborne”, “Terrorize”

Final rate: 70/100

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