Saturday, 13 February 2016

Gutted - Bleed For Us to Live

GUTTED - Bleed For Us to Live (REPULSIVE ECHO - CD 2015)
This won’t be a real review, to be honest, since I already written my proper review of Gutted’s classic album “Bleed For Us to Live” four or five years ago. But here’s a special occasion to remind you about this album, because it’s been re-released on CD by Repulsive Echo. It’s definitely great news for death metal fans, especially those who would love to have this album, but just couldn’t imagine spending so much money as the vultures from Ebay or Discogs actually ask for it (200 euros?? Come on! It’s just CD!). Now you can forget about getting bankrupt and fights with your wife (“so, how much did you spend on CD? Are you fuckin crazy??!!” haha) and get… hmm, I don’t wanna say a cheaper replacement, because it sounds stupid. But let’s say that if you’re not a crazy collector, who says “only first press is real” and other such bullshit, then do yourself a favour and grab a copy of “Bleed For Us to Live” from Repulsive Echo. Definitely this label did a killer job with this reissue. I like the packaging a lot, with better quality artwork, nice digipak package and fold out booklet. The quality is perfect! And the music… damn, just listen to this album! It’s crushing old school US death metal! Originally released in 1994, it may have never got the recognition it deserves in my opinion, but I personally think it’s just as killer as Morta Skuld, Baphomet, Demented Ted, Morpheus Descents, Morgue, Accidental Suicide and other great acts from the old days. Gutted had very, very good songs, with such hits like  “Death Before Dismember” or “Skeletonized”, they had fantastic presentation and basically everything sounds crushing. So, why they never got more popular? I suppose this question is so easy to answer that I don’t have to do that here. Anyways, for me personally “Bleed For Us to Live” is among my favourite US death metal albums from the old era, I like it more than many records from the death metal stars like Obituary or Suffocation and surely will always recommend it. I have the original press CD of “Bleed For Us to Live”, but it’s just so great to see this album re-released now. And I do hope to see a vinyl version one day also.
So, contact Repulsive Echo, grab a copy of this CD and enjoy it!

Final rate: 90/100

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