Monday, 13 October 2014

Into Darkness / Ghoulgotha - Shifted to the Red End of the Spectrum / Abnormal Paralysis

INTO DARKNESS / GHOULGOTHA - Shifted to the Red End of the Spectrum / Abnormal Paralysis (UNHOLY DOMAIN - 7"EP 2014)
Well, I keep on buying now each new release, which has Into Darkness logo on it. Yes, this Italian death combo have impressed me a lot with their previous recordings and so, when I noticed they’re doing a new split 7”vinyl I decided to get a copy immediately. Their new song “Shifted to the Red End of the Spectrum” is not so new hehe, as it was released on “Cosmic Chaos” cassette before (two other songs from it were released on separate 7”EP, so now it’s only “3C 273”, which remains unreleased on vinyl!). I am happy they’re releasing all these songs from that tape, as with 60 copies limitation I was not able to get a copy for myself and besides, I simply prefer vinyl hehe! And in case you already know the music of Into Darkness from “Transmigration of Cosmic Creatures into the Unknown” and self titled MLP, then you surely know what devastation you can expect from “Shifted to the Red End of the Spectrum”. Pure barbarity, morbid and obscure death metal… it is slightly faster than majority of other Into Darkness songs, but I love it, for its harsh production and simply killer riffs… and awesome ghoulish voice of Doomed Warrior! Giulia is great, I love her music. It is perfect death metal carnage. Rough, chaotic, aggressive, totally merciless onslaught. Hell yeah, the best Italian band after the split up of Undead Creep!
Good thing about such split EPs / MLPs or whatever is that when you buy it, because it contains a band you like a lot – like Into Darkness in this case – then sometimes you also have a chance to get to know a new band, which you did not hear about before and you’re about to be introduced to their music – like Ghoulgotha in case of this 7” split. I honestly did not hear of them before, so I would probably never bother to check them, if it wasn’t for this split… But damn, what a great band name they have hehe! For your information, Ghoulgotha is located in USA, this split is their third release, after a demo and a 7”EP released by Blood Harvest. And well, their take on doomy death metal is very good indeed. Maybe not quite as killer as Into Darkness, but I like them a lot as well. When compared to “Shifted to the Red End of the Spectrum”, “Abnormal Paralysis” is slower, way more doomy and heavy, with great massive riffs and brutal production. What a joy to listen to such obscure, creepy sounds! I am very happy that thanks to such bands as Hooded Menace this eerie, doom death metal has been resurrected and such bands as Ghoulgotha play it in such an awesome way. What a nice surprise then, so prepare yourself for sick, slow stuff! And the debut album is coming through the mighty Dark Descent. Once it’s out I am getting a copy for sure!

Final rate: 80/100

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