Friday, 24 October 2014

Cinis - Vile Angel

CINIS - Vile Angel (Self released demo 2005)
Ha, just found another forgotten but awesome demo in my archives! How can it be possible to forget that I have something? It’s simple - too much stuff is lying around hehe, so sometimes I get something, listen to it few times and then put away to the box, completely forgetting about its existence hehe. Not easy to keep a track, if you have so much stuff. And that must have been a case with the demo of Polish death metal commando Cinis whose “Vile Angel” arrived to me some years ago and since then got covered with dust and slime. Really cool that I managed to find it again! With three songs on it, it’s a real death metal feast and blast.
For the demo recording, I must say that “Vile Angel” has really good production! It sounds better than many full length albums, really (demo was recorded and produced by Pierścień from Incarnated!). Heavy, thick guitar sound, good drumming, sick vocals – it has all the components, which make a death metal so sick and brutal. Plus it has also really good songs. Cinis doesn’t make it in over technical way, they rather focused on simpler, but massive riffs, which would sound brutal, but also sort of memorable. It doesn’t mean that the music is simplistic, but it’s not a technical show off, so I am very happy about it. It blasts like crazy, with many fast parts, but also has few slower fragments, which are about to crush you into the floor and break neck with no mercy. The vocals are quite specific, not so guttural like in similar bands, but maybe more hmm… how can I describe them? More atmospheric, darker? All in all, the music has some similarities to such Lost Soul, Vader and that should be enough for recommendation. Ever since “Vile Angel” Cinis recorded two full length albums and I am very eager to hear them, what I hope will happen sooner than later.

Final rate: 70/100

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