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Belphegor - Blutsabbath

BELPHEGOR - Blutsabbath (LAST EPISODE - CD 1997)
Going back in time to the mid / late 90’s I remember that me and my friend at some point were searching for some of the most obscure, blasphemous but also the fastest death and black metal possible. We liked quite few bands, but the day, when we got “Blutsabbath” CD of Belphegor was like a revelation! Back in those days we did not think someone can be able to play so intense, but at the same time so harsh and aggressive music, so filled with profanation and sacrilege. For us, teenagers then, it was shocking, but it kicked ass! I mean, we were really impressed as fuck! Of corpse later we heard “Necrodaemon Terrorsathan”, which turned to be even better and more violent album, but “Blutsabbath” was still one of our favourites.
Is it still my favourite today? No. I like it, just as many other Belphegor albums, but I think that “Blutsabbath” doesn’t make such a strong impression today, as it did in 1997. It doesn’t mean that it grew old badly, but maybe the shocking value is gone somewhere hehe. For example nowadays the speed limit has been increased incredibly, there are also bands, which in time became more intense and violent, some are even more blasphemous (with satanic perversion exploit also)… Of course, it’s not a race, so who would really give a damn, but I wonder what would happen if “Blutsabbath” was released today, not in 1997? Who cares… Anyway, the album may not be so impressive today, but I still like it and I actually think that for sure Belphegor did some of the best death / black metal in the time of late 90’s / early 00’s. And certainly it’s one of those bands, which have their own, unique sound. All aspects – the production, the riffing, arrangements, even the vocals… all these things are quite unique and characteristic for Belphegor. You can recognize this band instantly, more so because their music has this weird tendency to be brutal and extreme, but also catchy and memorable, even melodic in many parts (like in fantastic opener “Abschwörung”). I have no idea how they made that possible, as they’re usually two aspects, which don’t like each other hehe. But I think it’s one of the reasons why Belphegor music became so successful. They simply had skills to compose songs, which were fast, extreme, blasphemous, but also memorable and easy to listen to.
“Blutsabbath” is filled with so called hits… with songs, which can sound great live and on CD. When you play this album real loud, then it is like a fuckin bulldozer, crushing and destroying all on its way, with throat cutting, sharp riffs, fast drums and sick, insane vocals of Helmuth, who really is possessed! This is what I like about Belphegor, with such killers like “Abschwörung”, “Purity Through Fire”, “No Resurrection”, “Blutsabbath”. But “Abschwörung” is definitely the very best piece here. And yes, I mentioned that I feel like this album was maybe making a bigger impression in late 90’s, but it still stands as strong and truly valuable effort. Belphegor was the best in their early albums, more uncompromising, more extreme, obscure and morbid. “Blutsabbath” is a perfect example for that. This album is better than “The Last Supper”, is really awesome, but later Belphegor recorded even more lethal stuff. Surely the best Austrian extreme metal band ever.
Standout tracks: “Abschwörung”, “Purity Through Fire”, “No Resurrection”, “Blutsabbath”

Final rate: 88/100

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