Thursday, 9 October 2014

Bloody Sign - Primitive Horde

BLOODY SIGN - Primitive Horde (Self financed demo CDR 2002)
Damn, I almost forgot I have this demo in my collection. It’s been so many years since I received it from the band (I think I got it from then bassist of Bloody Sign, Nathaniel, who also did killer Mutilating Process zine!). And so much have happened since then. Bloody Sign released three full length albums, some splits and already split up in 2010 (but Uibo brothers have formed Chaos Echœs!)… At the time, when I got this demo, Bloody Sign was completely unknown, but I discovered that “Primitive Horde” was already their fourth demo recording. But later then became quite respected and recognized name on the map of underground, obscure death metal. Ha! It is so good then that I found this demo and can listen to “Primitive Horde” again, especially as the last time I listened to it was probably just when I received it hehe.
Musically / stylistically it differs obviously from the future Bloody Sign recordings, especially from their late albums. “Primitive Horde” is nothing more or less, but a filthy, raw, maybe primitive (hence they used this word in the title hehe), bestial death metal, with brutal, cavernous production and deep, guttural vocals. It’s nothing innovative – although already on this demo the band made a song, which has this weird feeling; something they did also in the future. I’m talking about “Luuk”, which surely is a track that stands above the rest of the material here, since that rest is really nothing outstanding or truly memorable, just demo quality raw death metal, which still needed a lot of improvement, in basically every aspect (production, compositions, performance, etc). And improve they did on the future materials, such as awesome “Vana Vigala Loits” and “Chaos Echoes”. “Primitive Horde” is just a nice item in the collection, but next time I will listen to it will be in ten years again hehe!
Best song: “Death of a Voyager”

Final rate: 60/100

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