Monday, 27 October 2014

Convent - Blessed Amongst the Flock

CONVENT - Blessed Amongst the Flock (Self financed demo 2002)
It’s incomprehensible that when people mention the best Polish death metal bands, then Convent – one of the longest running acts here – is hardly ever remembered and mentioned. Well, I suppose it doesn’t take much to guess why… all in all, the reason is rather obvious: only one full length album released in 2009 by a small Polish label, plus few demos are not enough to bring the attention and recognition not only in your home country, but also abroad. So, Convent is known and remembered only to the diehard underground death metal maniacs. Time to change it and recommend some recordings of this awesome Polish death squadron! I have four releases of them, here I want to write few words about “Blessed Amongst the Flock”!
“Blessed Amongst the Flock” is a three tracker, demo, which the band released in 2002, for promotional purpose only. I was lucky to get one copy and just played it several times today. Yeah, but I played it several times not just because it is less than ten minutes of music, but also because I really like this demo a lot! It is a real shredder and ultimate, brutal death metal attack; violent, morbid, extreme and brutal, bone crushing, guts ripping death metal! And interesting thing about this demo is that all these songs later were also recorded for “Abandon Your Lord” album (2006), but maybe I like them more in these demo versions?! Hehe! Well, these three songs composed into one short material work like a quick execution and sound almost like a classic 7” single!
“Blessed Amongst the Flock” has a strong, very powerful, very rough, but excellent sound, which fits such death metal perfectly. Every riff is slashing like a razor, is heavy and brilliantly massive, the drums are also good and the vocals perfect… In the end these sounds will make your ears bleed, that strong is the intensity and violence of this music, which Convent plays on each of these three songs. This death metal is totally uncompromising, with great, fast tempos, mighty, crushing riffs, some technical fireworks, but without going into lame shit. Soooo nice, just like Damnation, Azarath or Dissenter! I am quite surprised Convent never achieved a bigger recognition with such awesome music… and damn, I must say that this demo would sound extremely great on a 7”EP!

Final rate: 80/100

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