Thursday, 14 August 2014

Koldborn - The Devil of All Deals

KOLDBORN - The Devil of All Deals (ANCIENT DARKNESS - CD 2005)
I wonder how many of you have ever heard about Danish band called Koldborn. Well, I did hehe, I still have their debut full length CD “First Enslavement” somewhere in my collection and even if I have not listened to it for many years, I remember that back in the time of its release I did like it and I even interviewed the band for my fanzine. Ha, I definitely must exhume this CD one day and give it a listen again. Anyway, years have passed and someone decided to remind me about Koldborn, sending me their another recording, which is 2005 EP “The Devil of All Deals”.
First, I thought “cool”! I can listen to these Olsens again! But then I gave some listens to this EP and my enthusiasm went down a bit. Hmm, I am sure you know this feeling when you hear something and you tell yourself “OK, this is fine, not bad at all, but… well, it’s just not my favourite kind of stuff, really…”. This is my feeling, which I have when I’m listening to “The Devil of All Deals”. OK, Koldborn is death metal band and I obviously worship death metal. But not this kind of death metal, which those Olsens are playing. This one sounds too modern for me, I just don’t like such kind of riffs, rhythms, vocals... Sure, Koldborn also have some blasting parts here and there and generally there are some moments on “The Devil of All Deals”, which I like, especially with such track as “Behind the World”, which is awesome, starting totally in the vein of Vader. But then there is also such track as “Hand-Held Hate“ or “A Stir of Unreason” and I just don’t like it, sorry. It’s not a complete failure, as I mentioned the band is good and solid, they definitely know how to play and arrange their music, but most of the stuff, which I can find on “The Devil of All Deals” is just not entirely for me. It’s something I can listen very, very occasionally, not more often than once in decade and with no emotions. So, if the last time I listened to “First Enslavement” was a decade ago, then the same will probably happen to “The Devil of All Deals” now.
Final rate: 63/100

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