Saturday, 16 August 2014

Morbid Flesh - Embedded in the Ossuary

MORBID FLESH - Embedded in the Ossuary (UNHOLY PROPHECIES - CD 2014)
Someone may ask how many times can we listen to bands and albums, which sound like 233424 bands and albums before? Well, my answer is always simple to that – as many times as we want, it only depends if the album, which we play now has something great to offer and more so, if it kicks ass. In case of the “Embedded in the Ossuary” we certainly deal with an arse kicking, guts shredding, killer death metal! And so I just don’t care if such style of old styled, classic Swedish sounding death metal has been explored a lot in recent years and that some may feel already bored and tired with such kind of playing, because it doesn’t change the fact that the Spaniards from Morbid Flesh did fuckin awesome job on this MCD! And I love this stuff totally. Yes!
So, I have simply no problem with the fact that “Embedded in the Ossuary” sounds typical and unoriginal, and that there’re many similar bands around nowadays. The most important factor here is that really Morbid Flesh recorded six truly killer tracks and that their music is more than just solid; it simply ticks all the boxes, if you check what ingredients make the old school death metal so awesome. It starts with the production, which in case of “Embedded in the Ossuary” is perfect. No surprise, really, because it’s been recorded at the Moontower, with Graveyard’s Javi Felez behind the deck. This dude recorded several fantastic Spanish bands already including his own Graveyard, as well as Ataraxy, Church of Disgust, Decapitated Christ, Insulters, Onirophagus and Necroven. So, I am not surprised that “Embedded in the Ossuary” sounds so bloody good and has such a thick, heavy, but powerful production – which is the only one I can accept in this sort of music!
And then there are these six tracks filled with heavy, chunky, spilled with blood riffs and harsh, deep growl. It is all deeply rooted in the Swedish death metal traditions, so you know how heavy these riffs are, but also kind of groovy and of corpse you can also expect some killer, totally memorable and dark melodies. Yes, Morbid Flesh has it all! And it is so well composed death metal… I love the opening instrumental piece “Embedded in the Ossuary”, for its atmospheric, dark feeling. But the real essence of this music and Morbid Flesh is in such tracks as “Charnel House”, which is just brutal and massive and “Summon the Sorcery of the Dead”, which on the other hand has some killer doomy and melodic parts in the beginning and then turns into another fierce, bloodthirsty beast. Yes, what a joy to listen to these songs! More so, I obviously have in my collection the previous release of Morbid Flesh, which was “Reborn in Death” album (compiled with the demo, by Memento Mori!) and I remember it was good and solid record, but in my opinion this new recording is far better and more vicious. Morbid Flesh is not a mediocre band anymore, but just as awesome as such Entrails, Puteraeon, Graveyard and Undead Creep – to name just few bands hehe. Can’t wait then to hear some more music from these Spanish maniacs!
Standout tracks: “Summon the Sorcery of the Dead”, “Embedded in the Ossuary”

Final rate: 88/100

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