Friday, 8 August 2014

Silence - The Last Warrior

SILENCE - The Last Warrior (THRASHING MADNESS - CD 2014)
I think that this time Thrashing Madness Productions has done something greater than ever before. Obviously this small Polish label does always killer job, when exhuming some old Polish demos and albums, from bands, which are often totally forgotten and unknown (Lastwar, Nightmare, Morbid Vision, Armagedon, Egzekuthor, Merciless Death, etc). And yes, most of the stuff they released turned out great. But now I have a pleasure to listen to CD of a band, which really was completely unknown… until now! I have no idea how Leszek managed to find this recording and actually even heard about this band, because… well, they never released anything officially! And more so, this demo “The Last Warrior” from 1989 is their only recording, so I really have no idea why it never has been released and how Leszek managed to find it out. Maybe it’s because Silence line up consisted of two Merciless Death / Egzekuthor members? Aghhh! Yes, the short bio of Silence says that this band was formed just briefly after Merciless Death split up in 1988, when some members had been drafted into the army. Silence lasted only for one year, when they recorded this demo but soon later tp guys focused on Egzekuthor, so Silence split up… but damn, someone actually managed to keep “The Last Warrior” demo for all these years and now, 25 years after it’s been recorded, Thrashing Madness has released it on CD! Ain’t that something awesome??!!
And the music is also just great. You know, it’s 1989 and what else can a band like Silence play? Of corpse it is a total speed / thrash metal attack! “The Last Warrior” is close to Merciless Death and damn, they did sound killer. I love the harsh production of this demo, which is a typical for the time, but is so damn cool… and the songs are absolutely fantastic. It’s fast and aggressive, pure extreme metal and songs like “The Last Warrior” are great. Take Merciless Death, Protector or Kreator and here we go… this is thrash metal, which I love! Silence lived shortly, but the material they recorded sounds like some of the best Polish classics. Really, these songs are killer. Only minor fault is the bonus rehearsal track, which I think is pretty useless, it doesn’t sound as good as the rest of the CD, there are no vocals in it, so I could live without it, really, but I guess they added it to make the whole material longer, as it is barely 20 minutes…Despite that I am happy that Thrashing Madness made it happen and this old gem is now on CD. This is a real exhumation of the old corpse!

Final rate: 70/100

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