Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Deiquisitor - Hexagon Vortex

It’s incredible how many awesome bands are still there, hiding in the shadows, waiting to be discovered?! Nowadays it’s almost every week, sometimes every day (!), when I make such a discovery and find out about new fantastic horde. And few days ago I made such a discovery, when I’ve started to listen to “Hexagon Vortex” from Danish band called Deiquisitor. This CD, released by Ancient Darkness Productions, really blew my head off and crushed mercilessly with some excellent death metal. And I was like “YES! This band is awesome, why no one knows Deiquisitor yet?” hehe. Well, partially it’s probably because this is relatively new horde, with only one demo released before “Hexagon Vortex” and secondly I suppose it’s also a matter of the overcrowded scene and just too many names of bands, which you have to catch up with. Some may simply go by unnoticed. Which I hope Deiquisitor won’t be, as this material I am listening to now is so deadly good that they deserve more recognition among the underground morbid death metal maniacs! Yes!
I suppose the first thing, which really hit and caught my attention, when I first started to listen to this CD, is the incredibly heavy, obscure, dense and black as a tar production of this album. I mean it really sounds fuckin beastly and intense, strong… heavy as fuckin mammoth. It is also quite rough, but all the instruments are audible enough and have powerful finish, so in this kind of music it is a perfect sound. But really, it sounds so deep, so severe! Obviously this production also fits brilliantly the musical style of Deiquisitor, which is MASSIVE, extreme, grim morbid death metal in the vein of some American classics such as Incantation, Immolation, Vital Remains, early Morbid Angel, Drawn and Quartered and some of these newer, but so deadly amazing acts like Father Befouled, Disma, Dead Congregation and so on and on. Deiquisitor is the band of the same quality and category and I really feel that there will be something exceptional and great coming from them also in the future.
But now it’s time of “Hexagon Vortex” and yes, this is great stuff. This EP contains only six songs with less than 20 minutes on the clock, which is a bit unusual, as majority of bands from this genre prefer longer, more extensive tracks. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with how Deiquisitor builds their music and what songs they have. And damn, as I already mentioned several times, they do impress with how heavy and brutal their music is. Chunky, bloodthirsty riffs, mostly played at fast or at least mid paced tempos (I actually do miss some utter slow parts here… they would give even more massive feeling to the entire EP), some very Immolation-esque broken rhythms, deep, guttural, unreadable vocals… Simple means, but great effect. And it all sounds excellent, with such abominable anthems as “Destroyer of Worlds”, “Through Ethereal Deeps” and “Forgotten Origins”. I think I have listened to this CD for at least twenty or probably even more times in the past few days and I still can’t see the end of it. Excellent material, which I highly recommend and now all that is left is to wait for another Deiquisitor recording.

Final rate: 80/100

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