Thursday, 17 October 2013

Mitochondrion - Antinumerology

MITOCHONDRION - Antinumerology (DARK DESCENT - 7"EP 2013)
I must admit that I haven’t had a chance to check any of the previous Mitochondrion recordings yet, even though I had their two full length albums (“Archaeaeon” from 2008 and “Parasignosis” from 2011) on my shopping list for a long time. I’ve been postponing in time the purchase of these albums, because there was always something else what popped up and I wanted to get it immediately and so Mitochondrion is still waiting for the right time (I hope that when I finally will get the money for these albums they will still be available hehe)… But when I saw that Dark Descent Records has released Mitochondrion’s new 7”EP I decided to get it right away, because such singles are usually sold out very quickly and later you can either pay double of triple money for it or you just won’t be able to find it anywhere. And so “Antinumerology” is the first recording of Mitochondrion, which I had a chance and pleasure to listen to. And damn, I wish I already had these two full albums in my collection as well, as this EP is just brilliant and certainly it was worth getting it.
Well, I wish I could already say something about the whole concept of this EP, as I have a strong feeling like everything on “Antinumerology” has been deeply thought through and everything has a meaning here, including the mysterious symbols hidden within the whole artwork of the EP and spread all over the booklet. I didn’t have time to read the lyrics though and so I feel like I still need to learn what “Antinumerology” is all about to really experience the music of Mitochondrion fully… Certainly this band is not your average, pointless death / black metal act, with meaningless lyrics… I will certainly sacrifice some of my spare time later to try to explore what it is all about… But in the meantime I can write few words about the music… and Mitochondrion offers really crushing and massively heavy piece of doomy black death metal, which meats my expectations fully. I mean there are few similar bands, which I worship, like Father Befouled, Grave Miasma, Abyssal and few more, even such Incantation must have had a strong influence on Mitochondrion music, but what is really interesting is that those Canadians managed to create something unique and their own, even if it is based on a strong death / black metal foundation. There’s something really intriguing and possessing about “Antinumerology”, almost hypnotizing in a way the riffing draws the attention of the listener like the light will lead you in the dark and you’ll just stare at the lightened point somewhere in the dark horizon, trying to follow its lead. It is almost the same with this music… it will not leave you careless and more so, it will force you to listen to it carefully and won’t let you go until the last sound will end… it will hypnotize you and crush you, as this music is just damn heavy, so brutal, but at the same time it contains many moments, which are almost catchy, with some truly awesome, awesome riffs. That can especially be heard with the songs "137 (Mors Formulae)" and "Antinumerology" from side B, which are just bloody spectacular. But really, the entire EP is just a fantastic listening experience and so damn impressive that I just have listened to this EP for about ten times and will repeat that tomorrow once more…
Final rate: 95/100

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