Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Dead Bread - Hatred Slice

DEAD BREAD - Hatred Slice (Self released CD 2013)
OK., it’s now the second time when I write this review… Stupidly (read: accidently) I deleted the file with almost 20 reviews recently, so now I need to re-write some of them – among of which there’s also this debut demo from Polish Dead Bread. I gave this demo a priority, because it has only just been released last week and Matt – the guy who’s behind this project – has kindly sent me this digipack CD for review, so I’m rushing myself to review it and also to recommend you some really cool death metal!!! Yeah, “Hatred Slice” to totally worthy and recommendable piece of brutal and somehow also groovy death metal, which I have enjoyed a lot. The band is just one man – Mateusz Janiak, who’s composed and recorded all songs himself, but had a help from Janick Klausen, who wrote all the lyrics and then growled them perfectly and Jacek Hiro, who played a guitar solo in one of the songs. But Matt really composed some seriously arse kicking stuff here and the final result of the demo is something what I have been enjoying a lot in the past few days, so I can only recommend you this band now.
At first I was a little bit worried, as Matt wrote something about some deathcore influences in his music, and you know… I am as allergic to deathcore as Glen Benton is allergic to religions. Meanwhile it turned out that “Hatred Slice” has almost no trace of deathcore (maybe a small one, but not as important to bother myself about it) and what’s more, I feel like the music has a strong Swedish death metal feeling and vibe, which only makes it more interesting for me. The production – which is really excellent I think – has this sort of more modern Swedish feeling and musically there are parts, which sometimes remind me bands such as Torture Division and other time – when Dead Bread speeds up into almost grind core’ish tempos -  it sounds quite like General Surgery. Finally there’s also this groove from bands such as US’ Dying Fetus. Everything is really aggressive and violent, it’s almost like kick in the guts or punch in the face, speaking of the relentlessness of the music… and it is great, you know? Each song has great riffs and stick in my head, especially that slower and more groovy tune called “Decompose”. Another favourite track of mine is I think “Call Out”. But generally the whole “Hatred Slice” is really cool and I think that Matt did awesome job here. His music is great, the sound also… and there’re also some zombies on the cover! Do I need anything more? This demo has four songs, is about 15 minutes long, so it is a perfectly balanced dose of brutality. I cannot wait then to hear some more stuff from Dead Bread. And that “Tom and Jerry” intro – priceless he, he!
Final rate: 80/100

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