Thursday, 3 October 2013

Insulters - We Are the Plague

INSULTERS - We Are the Plague (TRABUS Records - CD 2013)
I was recently contacted by the band called Insulters if I would like to review their album… Well, I’ve checked them out on youtube and thought it is damn awesome, so my response was quick and positive. And so I got the promotional CDR with the band’s new recording, which is “We Are the Plague”. This is Insulters’ debut full length album; prior to that those Spaniards have released a couple of demos and a split with Nocturnal Hell, but I’ve never had a chance to hear any of these materials. Anyway, it may be worth mentioning that the line up of Insulters consists of couple of members of Morbid Flesh and Graveyard – two excellent Spanish bands and I am personally a big fan of the latter especially. So yeah… Insulters has everything to hook me up… and once I have listened to “We Are the Plague” I knew that if I go deaf then Insulters are to be blamed, as this music not only must be played damn loud, but is so damn cool that I also feel a terrible neckache now… I hate this pain.
But seriously now… “We Are the Plague” is a killer blackened thrash / death metal – or however you’ll call it – album. If you think of old Sodom, Venom, Kreator, Death (first LP) and other such obvious classics, and add some newer bands like Aura Noir, Impaled Nazarene (hmm, they aren’t new… sorry hehe!), Witchmaster, Nocturnal Breed and such then you can know what this music is like. Thrashing riffs, great, relentless tempo, harsh vocals, killer obscure, morbid atmosphere, filthy sound and just a lot of energy and powerful music… The title song, which opens the album, should be a national anthem of Spain, so vicious and awesome it is! And the rest of the material is equally strong and destructive. What I like about such albums as “We Are the Plague” is that there’s no bullshit; just straight forward and to the bone 666% pure metal. Insulters don’t toy with us; they don’t think about creating something original or sophisticated, but just plays what they worship… and personally, as an old fan of this music I can only applause that and praise the band for what they’ve done on this album. It is pretty short (32 minutes), but intense as hell… neckache guaranteed!
Standout tracks: none… anything on “We Are the Plague” sounds equally great, but my personal favourite would probably be the title track and “No Mercy In My Grave”, with great opening riff
Final rate: 80/100

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