Thursday, 17 October 2013

Throneum - Mutiny of Death

THRONEUM - Mutiny of Death (PAGAN Records - LP 2003)
Ancient Nightmarish Death Terror Metal, kurwa! Yeah, this is the stuff, which Polish Throneum has been delivering for almost two decades now (I cannot believe it is that long already!) successfully. And I still think that too few maniacs really appreciate this band’s music and they didn’t achieve yet what they truly deserve. What do I mean? Well, Throneum is such an excellent band, one which I think has their own unique style, so they truly stand above the majority of similar acts. But today we can see many new, unknown bands signed by such labels as Dark Descent, Hells Headbangers or Blood Harvest which are quickly called “new revelation”, while in reality they’re not better than the majority of mediocrity and mostly they all sound the same, so the fact that a band with such status and original style as Throneum remains underestimated makes me sad. Sad that something truly unique can be so underestimated, while some bands, which barely recorded a demo with the same music as 343 bands before (just because it’s cool today to be old school and obscure) are getting so much press. Hmm, but maybe this is exactly what Throneum actually wanted? They never tried to be on the cover of colourful magazines and have the most “likes” on facebook than anybody else. We can discuss that forever, but I think it would be better just to listen to something from the great discography of Throneum… and in many opinions their second album “Mutiny of Death” is their best work ever…
Well, I don’t know if for me personally “Mutiny of Death” is Throneum’s best, but certainly it is in my top three. And when comparing it to the debut LP “Old Death’s Lair” then my feeling is like the band matured a lot and their songwriting just became better and also the production value is perfect, at least for this kind of music. I think that two covers, which are featured on the LP, speak the best about the musical content of “Mutiny of Death”. One is a cover of “Streams of Ancient Wisdom” (Asphyx) and another is “Funeral” (Cianide). Think of these two bands, plus several other old masters of death like Master, Repulsion, Possessed, Merciless, Sadistic Intent, Destroyer 666, Bestial Warlust, Nunslaughter and you should know what to expect here. Throneum music is damn bestial, savage, violent, chaotic, aggressive, morbid, obscure, relentless, barbaric, vicious, raw, satanic, merciless… hahahaha, think of all such adjectives and you’ll know what “Mutiny of Death” is like… Damn fast and straight forward death metal of old, but it doesn’t focus on fast playing entirely, as it also has some, but not too many (hehe) slower parts… Yeah, fast pace is in almost every song and definitely dominates the whole album, so the final effect is like a fuckin’ angry bloodthirsty beast, which someone has unleashed and now it’s there to kill. I love the riffs here, there are some of the most memorable moments in Throneum discography, plus the vomit of Tom is also just superb… He sounds like lunatic, possessed maniac, but fits the music perfectly. No compassion, no sweet melodies, no great harmonies, just pure chaos and total death. I love it! “Death, darkness and no emotions – winds of war that bring hate… total annihilation…” – these lyrics say a lot about the uncompromising attitude of Throneum and their music. And really; even if this album may seem to be too ugly, too chaotic and too primitive to some of you, personally I don’t give a shit and just worship such playing. With just about 30 minutes of music of the black wax, the listening of “Mutiny of Death” is very smooth and gives you such an extra dose of energy and kick in the head… It is fuckin explosion of obscure death metal… and two covers in the end sound just extremely awesome, I especially like “Funeral” – what a killer song it is!
Standout tracks: “Pure Total Death”, “Goat Archangels of Lust”, “The Great Execution”, “Worship from Chaos”
Final rate: 90/100

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