Saturday, 19 October 2013

Anatomia / Dark Descent split EP

Anatomia have quickly became one of my favourite old school death metal bands and the fact that these guys are from Japan makes it even more special I suppose, as usually I am not so much into Asian bands… meanwhile this trio of doom and death have really impressed with several releases and now it seems like I will want to collect everything what these samurais are putting out. This new 7”EP split with Living Decay is such new recording, which I got immediately, once it appeared for sale. And I am really happy to have it, as those Japs again showed how awesome is their music… and at the same time I got to know new band called Living Decay, so that was yet another good reason to purchase this single.
And let me start here by writing couple of words about Living Decay. This band hails from Georgia, USA and so far released only one demo “Filled with Rot” in 2009 as well as “Doomed to Last” EP in 2010, so their participation on this split with Anatomia was not only quite unexpected, but it’s also their first appearance in three years. Musically I won’t surprise you if I say that Living Decay performs old school death metal, in its most obscure and vicious, filthy way, reminiscent of the Autopsy, very early Death / Mantas, Repulsion, Nuclear Death, Derketa and such legendary bands…? Yeah, nowadays it is nothing extraordinary to play something like this, but that doesn’t mean that we couldn’t like the music of Living Decay. To be honest, this band may not offer anything what would truly break my bones and cause some serious neck ache after banging my head like a maniac, but their song (“Mass Grave”) is solid and good enough to give it few spins and enjoy it occasionally. In many ways they’re more like mediocre band, if you consider how many truly awesome bands are there around at the moment and many perform similar music to Living Decay in much better way, but I’ll remember this band and will certainly watch them to see what will their future releases be like. They may get only better and better…
And Anatomia… I won’t say anything bad about them, as they’re truly killer, killer band. And this one song, which they’ve provided for this split EP (“Undead Horrors”) is so damn awesome that I can barely breath, such a hard kick in the guts it is. Comparing this one song to what Living Decay has to offer I can point out that not only musically I like Anatomia more, but I also like the production a lot better, as it is heavier, more brutal and really massive, and I also like the fact that “Undead Horrors” creates this eerie, repulsive horror atmosphere, which fits so well to this sort of death metal. Their music is also more doomy; this is truly slow death metal, which will remind you Autopsy, some Asphyx, Sempiternal Deathreign, Derketa, Winter, Hooded Menace and other such godly bands… But of corpse not the entire song is just slow (even if the doomy, creepy riffs with low, disgusting vomiting vocals dominate), there’s also slightly faster part in the middle of the song… All in all I think that Anatomia perfected their style already and as I wrote above they’re now one of my favourite death metal bands of nowadays. And they just released another split EP - with Necrovorous! Be sure that I will get a copy!
Final rate: 80/100

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